How To Highlight Eyebrows

Women who have thin eyebrows must highlight the brows in order for it to pop out when wearing makeup. Highlighting the eyebrows can also enhance the look of the eyes. There are several tricks that you can use in order to highlight your eyebrows and make them appear thicker. Find out how you can do this by reading the tips that are provided below.

Follow these tips to highlight your eyebrows:

  • Use mascara. You can use the regular mascara that you use for your eyelashes if you want to achieve thicker eyebrows. Choose a color of mascara that is similar to the color of your hair for more natural results. Dip the mascara into the tube and carefully apply the mascara on your eyebrows using light strokes. Follow the direction of the hair when doing this. Do this in front of a mirror so that you can see where you are applying. It is important to have a steady hand so that you won’t put mascara on your skin.
  • Eyebrow gel. Another option is to use eyebrow gel. This is just like mascara except that it is colorless. This is best for those who already have thick eyebrows. Dip the wand into the tube and apply carefully on your eyebrows. Use short strokes following the direction of the hair. You can apply more gel on the edges of your eyebrows to keep the hair groomed. Afterwards, use an eyebrow brush and go over your eyebrows to reduce the clumping.
  • Use eyeliner. Use eyeliner to highlight your eyebrows if you want to achieve a distinct shape. Make sure that you eyeliner that is lighter than the color of your eyebrows. Start to do strokes on the middle of your eyebrows following the direction of the hair. Do more strokes if you want your eyebrows to appear thicker. Afterwards, use a cotton swab and blend the eyeliner following the shape of your eyebrows to have a natural look.
  • Use eye shadow. This technique adds more shape and color to your eyebrows making them look cleaner and thicker. Choose an eye shadow color that is one shade lighter than the color of your eyebrows. Use a thin liner brush and start applying the eye shadow on the middle of your eyebrows going towards your temples. Add more eye shadow on the parts of your eyebrow that you want thicker. Afterwards, check to see if the shape of both eyebrows is symmetrical.

These are some of the options that you have if you want to highlight your eyebrows. Before highlighting your eyebrows, you might want to have them groomed first. You can tweeze or wax the stray eyebrows by yourself or you can also go to the salon to have it done for you. You will have an easier time highlighting your eyebrows if they are already groomed in the desired shape that you want. Achieving the look that you want may be difficult at first but highlighting your eyebrows will be easier for you once you have done it several times.


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