How To Highlight Your Hair for Free Naturally

Women update their look all the time. It can be as simple as changing their bags, wearing new shoes, or even a different shade of lipstick. Others go for a more permanent change such as changing their hair color. Others opt to bring out the highlights in their hair. This is indeed, one of the easiest ways to get a new look, without being too drastic. Getting hair highlights brightens one's face. However getting highlights at a salon could be expensive, plus the chemicals from the hair bleach could do harm to the environment. Good thing there is a way to highlight your hair the natural and cost-effective way. Follow these simple steps to give your hair that extra color boost.

  • Make sure you have everything you need. For a quick and natural hair highlighting procedure, you will need fresh lemon limes, a juicer, a highlight brush, a bowl, a comb and the natural rays of sunlight. All these you can easily find in your kitchen or bedroom. You can probably find a cheap highlight brush at your local drugstore.
  • Juice the lemons. Trust us; we are not going to make lemonade. Juice one or two lemonades and put the juice in a bowl. If you have run out lemons, lime will do.
  • Prep your hair. Before doing this, you must first make sure that your hair is clean and free of styling products. Wash your hair prior, but you do not have to apply conditioner. Just make sure that your hair is clean and not too oily when you start. This will ensure that hair product ingredients won't damage your hair. The lemon and other hair product build-up together might do more harm to your hair than good. After you have gotten your highlights, you may go back to using your hair products.
  • Detangle and separate. Now you must make sure that your hair is completely free of tangles. With a wide-toothed comb, gently comb through the tangles. Work patiently and slowly so as not to damage your hair. Once done, section your hair into the parts you want to highlight. You might want to separate the section you're not going to highlight with a clip.
  • Apply the lemon on your hair. If you want to have highlights that are subtle, then simply apply the juice on the strands that you have separated from the rest of your hair. Use the highlight brush for this, as it will be easier for you to apply the juice sparingly. If you want more pronounced highlights, you can apply all over your hair.
  • Get some sun! Let the lemon juice set in your hair and expose it to the sun for about 4 to 5 hours. Now would be a good time to do your gardening, jogging and other outdoor activities. You may even go out and sunbathe so you will have a tan to complement your new highlights. Remember to wear sun block and drink lots of water while outdoors.
  • Rinse hair and enjoy the results. After considerable hours sunning your hair, go back indoors and rinse the lemon out of your hair.

Your natural highlights will look great with wavy, beach-tousled hair. You don't have to over process your hair. Simple wear it down with your natural waves and you'll definitely have that sexy, beach girl look down pat. You can repeat this procedure every week to keep your tresses golden and pretty. 


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