How To Hydrate Aging Skin

There is a lot of truth to the advice from beauty experts about taking care of your skin as early as you can so the benefits will show much later on in life. For example, just because your skin is dewy and supple now means you can abuse it by constantly baking under the sun for a tan or getting a regular fake bake. The effects on your skin may not be obvious now but it won’t take long until you see the first signs of aging and dryness on your skin. So really, the first step is prevention then next comes good nutrition.

So while you are taking care of your skin now, at any point you feel like your skin is stressed and looks gaunt, maybe it all it needs is a dab of hydration.

Here are some suggestions to help you hydrate tired and aging skin.

  • Water. Yeah, it’s boring to just drink water every single time but you can add a little zest to every glassful and lose a few pounds, too! How? By adding lemon slices to that pitcher of water. Keep it chilled in the fridge and drink some of that pure goodness every hour until you feel thoroughly quenched. Do this and revive aging skin in a matter of hours.
  • Moisturizer. After washing or bathing in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Use a hydrating moisturizer for your skin type that is made from all natural and organic ingredients like Cynergy TK or kelp extract to authentically help your skin recover (not mask it) from the signs of aging.
  • Lather and slather. In the shower, use a body bar or moisturizing bath gel that was made to help aging skin bounce back. Upon stepping out of the shower and while your pores are still open, immediately slather on body lotion to instantly moisturize your skin from the neck down.
  • Home remedies.
    • Warm a cup of EVOO or Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Add a couple of teaspoons of fine salt. Let it sit for a while to cool down. Then bring it with you to the bathroom during your bath. After soaping yourself. Stand under the shower to rinse away the soapsuds. Then apply the mixture by rubbing it all over your body. Let it soak through your skin for a full minute. Then stand under the warm shower and let it all rinse away. Towel dry. There is no need to apply lotion afterwards.
    • Cleanse your face with mild soap and water. In the kitchen, place a chunk of pumpkin in the blender. Once you are done blending, apply the pureed pumpkin on your face and leave it on to hydrate your skin for 20 minutes. The Beta-Carotene in the pumpkin is super effective for dry and aging skin. If you don’t have pumpkin at home, you can go for natural yogurt instead. The Greek yogurt brand or the sour kind is best.
  • Vitamin and minerals. You might be surprised that your daily vitamin and mineral intake actually helps hydrate aging skin. Naturally so! It’s the good stuff that helps keep your skin cells healthy which will show on the outside. A lot of this good stuff can also be had from natural sources like fleshy fruits and green organic vegetables.

See? There’s a lot you can do very easily to reverse aging simply by feeding your skin with the right kind of hydration. No matter how old or young you are, it’s never too late to whip your skin back into shape minus plastic surgery and botox. Go out to the supermarket and stock up on the things you need that are all listed here to hydrate your skin!


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