How To Keep from Going Bald

Many people want to find out how to keep from going bald.  With so many products and procedures to keep from going bald, there is more of a chance to help with this problem that so many face.

There are many simple ways to keep from going bald without spending a lot of money or getting an expensive procedure done. 

  • One way is to simply drink a lot of distilled water.  By drinking distilled water, you are washing out all of the carbon dioxide that has been absorbed into the body by drinking lots of soda or pop or any other type of carbonated beverage.  These drinks actually reduce hydration, which can result in hair loss.  Distilled water is recommended, but regular water will also help.
  • Another way to avoid going bald is to promote circulation to the scalp.  During shampooing, a massage routine should be started, and every day, more than once a day, a scalp massage should be performed.  This keeps the circulation going to the head and stimulates the hair follicles.  Using oil while massaging the scalp is also a help to keep from going bald.  Another way to perform the massage is by lying down on the couch while having the head hang upside down.  This also will improve circulation to the scalp.
  • Taking all of the B vitamins and Vitamin E can help prevent from going bald.  Taking these vitamins within a multi-vitamin is the best way to do it.  Drinking green tea and using saw palmetto on a regular basis will be a big help to keep from going bald.   Other helpful nutrients include magnesium, zinc, iron and biotin.   Biotin can actually be found in shampoos or creams, as well as foods such as eggs, meats and nuts.  Nutrition is very important in the prevention of going bald.
  • Using the proper shampoos can also help to keep from going bald.  If you suffer from dandruff, it is very important to use an anti-dandruff shampoo.  There are also many other shampoos to choose from that advertise their abilities to keep from going bald.  These shampoos can thicken the hair shaft to keep the hair from looking thinner.
  • Stress is another cause of going bald.  By doing certain things to lessen the stress can also keep from going bald.  There are soothing baths, spas, meditation, just relaxing and reading and sometimes medications to be used to help reduce the stress in our lives.  Many people have lost hair just because of stress alone.

Another way to keep from going bald is to be gentle to your scalp and hair.  Do not use hair coloring or permanent products.  Avoid using hot hair dryers or any type of hot styling irons.  This can destroy hair follicles and add to the breakage of the hair.


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