How To Keep Hair Color from Fading

There are many simple things that can be done to prevent hair color from fading. If you are having a problem keeping your hair color fresh the following ideas may help you.

One of the most important things to do if you want to keep hair color from fading is to follow all application directions that come with a hair coloring product correctly. Be certain you are timing the application exactly as instructed. Do not remove the color too soon or you may have problems with the color fading quickly.

If the instructions say you are not to shampoo your hair immediately before or after coloring, be sure you do not shampoo before or after coloring. Rinse your hair thoroughly and condition it as directed. Do not use a conditioner other than what was supplied with the hair color you purchased.

After you have colored your hair, use products that are designed to prevent color from fading. Many that contain an SPF will help prevent sun damage. Shampoos and conditioners that are not made for color treated hair may actually remove some of the color. Any additional expense to purchase shampoos and conditioners that are specifically intended for color treated hair will be saved when you have to color your hair less frequently.

In addition to the basic hair care products to protect hair from fading, you can now purchase hair spray and other styling products that contain SPF. Think about using such products exclusively and remove any hair products that do not prevent color fading from your house.

Another way to keep hair color from fading is to shampoo your hair less frequently. Many people who do not have their hair styled professionally on a weekly basis may be washing it daily at home. Perhaps you can wash your hair every two or three days instead of every day.

An important step in protecting your hair color may be adding a chlorine filter on your shower if you have water that is chlorinated. Chlorine is a chemical. If your hair has been chemically altered, as in colored with a hair color,  the chlorine can cause your hair color to fade faster. Chlorine filters for a shower are relatively inexpensive, easy to change, and last for up to a year. There are also shower filters available for those who have well water which sometimes contain natural substances that will contribute to hair color fading.

As chlorine is also present in swimming pools, be sure to use a swim cap to prevent your hair color from fading. If you are in the sun at a pool or at the beach for an extended amount of time think about covering your hair. Using a hat or a sun umbrella would be recommended.


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