How To Keep Hair Healthy in Cornrows

Wearing one's hair in any braided style requires some maintenance and good hair care products. There are some good inexpensive hair care products available to help maintain any braided hairstyle including cornrows. The following tips are for how to maintain cornrows and keep the braided hairstyle looking good and the hair and scalp in good condition.

  1. Wash and condition the hair 2-3 days before braiding the hair.
  2. Use products specially formulated for braided hair.
  3. Put either a hairnet or scarf over the braids before going to bed, this will help keep the braids neatly in place.
  4. When washing the braids use a dry shampoo powder by sprinkling the powder over the hair and gently massing it into the hair and scalp. Wearing a hairnet when applying the hair with the dry shampoo will aid in cleaning the hair properly.
  5. Use a scalp conditioner on the hair scalp every other day to keep the hair and scalp in good condition.
  6. Do not braid the hair too tight especially around the forehead because this can cause hair breakage.
  7. Wash and condition the hair first then wait a week before re-braiding the hair.
  8. The stylist should be gentle when removing the extensions from the hair; this will help prevent hair breakage or permanent hair loss.

Hair care for women wearing cornrows may require a little more care maintenance than for the men. Some women prefer to add hair to their own hair known as "extensions." The two types of hair used in adding extensions are human hair and synthetic hair. The hair is sectioned off and then the braids are put in. Braiding a person's hair can take up to 8-hours to do and may require (2) people to work on an individual's hair, which depends on the type of cornrow hairstyle being braided. A cornrow hairstyle with proper care is usually worn anywhere from 2-weeks to a month with the proper maintenance. The first person to contact for hair braiding is usually a family member or friend and then a professional braider. Most beauty salons will have a person or persons that specialize in hair braiding. Before calling the salon to set-up a consultation first check to see if the beauty salon's operating license and the stylist's cosmetology license is in order. This can be done through the Better Business Bureau and ask for a report on the salon. Friends or family members are a good resource when looking for a beauty salon that provides hair braiding. The price for a professional to braid the hair can range from $75.00-$500.00 to have the hair braided. A family member or friend may offer to braid the hair for free.


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