How To Keep Humidity from Ruining a Hairstyle

Humidity has a negative effect on hair and can ruin a perfectly sculpted hairstyle by making it frizzy or dry. Come a night out with the girls, a movie date, or a day out with the family this could be a big concern when we'd much rather be concerned with the events at hand, having a good time. Here are a few steps on how to prevent a hairstyling disaster due to the discomforts of humidity being in the air.

  1. The number one way to keep humidity from ruining your hairstyle is hair styling product selection and use. Use a pomade or hair serum that contains silicone to start with. If you choose a hair serum make sure to apply to hair when hair is still wet, blot drying it with a towel. Using this method will help the serum to work as it is meant to; the serum won't work as good to weigh down the hair if your hair is already dry. Humidity causes hair to swell and these products are made to add weight to the hair. The pomade or hair serum will help your hairstyle stay put drastically because of the weighing down effect these products have on your hair.
  2. It is recommended you use a foam or hairspray for your hairstyle to keep your hair just right for these days filled with humidity as well. Most foam and hairspray brands offer humidity resistance so be sure to check labels. Using the right products is of great importance but it works out to your advantage even better if the call of action is written on the bottle, look for "humidity resistance" and use those products over ones that don't have that call of action on the bottle. Reading labels for direction use is important as well. All these hairstyling products mentioned you can pick up at just about any local drug store or superstore.
  3. Hairstylists recommend several ways you can prevent humidity ruining your hairstyle long term by a few methods. Using deep conditioning hair products as well as anti-frizz products is important when trying to avoid ruining your hairstyle during days with high humidity levels. Summer is a big disaster for hairstyles because of the high humidity levels; stylist note to get a haircut that fits your hair type can prevent hair from becoming frizzy.

It’s not a good moment when you spend long amounts of time perfecting your hairstyle and humidity comes along to destroy your hairstyle. Again, product selection and product use is important in prevention of a hairstyle disaster. Remember to start off with a great hair cut, get the right products, and read your labels. These tips should get you by and make your day out one worry less.


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