How To Keep Humidity from Ruining Your Hair

You spend hours styling your hair to perfection just to step outside and puff! Humidity and nature take over and your hair is one giant frizz ball. It's more then upsetting, it is downright frustrating.

Those frustrating times will be just a bad memory if you follow these simple steps to keep summer from ruining your hair.

  • Wash it the right way. Use a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically made to combat the problem. There are many shampoos available on the market to help control frizz. Also, do not forget to rinse hair thoroughly. Having any residue left from the shampoo or conditioner will only make the frizz worse.
  • Add some style. Products that is. Adding styling products such as mousse or hair spray can help tame the frizz. Just be sure not to add too much. Following the instructions on the product is always a good idea.
  • Many people have found success with anti-frizz products that are available on the market. They are designed to keep your hair from going puffy in humidity.
  • Dry, Dry and more Dry. Make sure to dry your hair completely. This simple step will go a long way to keeping your mane manageable. Towel and air dry your hair whenever possible. Blow drying will make your locks more brittle and cause more static.
  • Hands down. Once your hair is clean and dry, keep your hands away from it. The oils that are naturally found in your hands will make your hair harder to manage.
  • A more extreme option that some decide to take is to cut their hair. Having a shorter hairstyle during the summer months can make things easier and cooler. That is if you can give up your long locks. If getting your hair chopped off is not for you, consider getting your hair cut in layers. This is will give texture to your hair and keep it from looking limp and dull.
  • If all else fails, try salt spray. Salt spray is perfect for all hair types and can give a soft, frizz-free wave to your hair.
  • Extreme heat and humidity can also do damage to your hair. Heat can cause your hair to become brittle and dry. Look for a good conditioner with moisturizer to help bring your hair back to life.

The best way to beat humidity is to take the necessary steps to keeping your hair healthy from the get go.

  • Do not over shampoo. Washing your hair too much will remove the natural oils in your hair and make your hair and scalp dry.
  • Watch what you eat. Your diet could make or break you hair care. Taking an omega 3 supplement will help nourish your hair from the inside out.

Having great hair that beats the humidity is not impossible. It just takes a little work.


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