How To Keep Mascara from Clumping

Every woman loves the look of thick, full black eyelashes. However nobody likes thick gooey clumps on their lashes. Unfortunately, clumps are a common occurrence for any woman who wears mascara regularly. Luckily there are some special techniques to combat this beauty dilemma and keep mascara from clumping! Whether you have naturally thick full lashes or short thin ones, you can try some of these tips on how to keep your lashes looking just as gorgeous as they should.

  1. First, make sure your mascara is not too old. Yes, make-up can get expensive and nowadays most of us do not have room in our tight budgets for a mascara allowance every month. However you should make sure that your mascara is never older than two to three months old. Mascara contains certain ingredients that can lead to eye infections if you keep using older mascara for too long. Not only does old mascara increase the risk of eye infections, it also is a leading cause of clumping.
  2. When applying mascara, one of the most important steps is to first have a box of tissues handy. If your tube of mascara is relatively new then it is likely that the brush will have a lot of excess mascara on it. One way to avoid getting clumps in the first place is to use a tissue to dab at least a little of the excess mascara off of the wand's bristles before applying the make-up to your lashes. Removing the excess allows there to be just the right amount of mascara to leave your eyelashes looking clump-free and gorgeous. Another helpful tip is to make sure not to pump the wand into your tube of mascara before applying. Pumping the wand will result in dried up mascara and you will have to replace your tube more often. Dried up mascara will also clump more than fresh mascara.
  3. Next you should definitely invest in a metal fine-toothed lash comb. You can also use a plastic-toothed comb but metal works the best and doesn't get mascara built up on it as much as a plastic comb will. After applying each coat of your favorite mascara go over your lashes with the comb to separate each one. This reduces the risk of ending up with gooey clumped lashes. Using a lash comb will also result in fuller-looking lashes.
  4. You should also make sure that when you apply each coat of your mascara that you wiggle the wand as you apply. Wiggling the wand will help to keep mascara from clumping in one place on your lashes. Another technique is to try to move the wand from side to side as you apply to make sure that it is evenly distributed on the lashes.

Good luck and best wishes for clump-free lashes!!!


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