How To Keep Synthetic Wigs from Becoming Frizzy

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If you have invested money into a synthetic wig, or wear one on a frequent basis, it is important that is stays in good condition. The easiest way to do this is by taking preventive measures every time you wear it, and by maintaining it on a regular basis.

The easiest way to maintain your wig is by brushing it after every use. Remember to use a comb or brush with wide teeth so that you don't snag at the fibers. Brushing will prevent the wig from becoming tangled and will help it keep its shape and condition. It is important to brush slowly and steadily so as not to rip or tear fibers out.

Regularly washing your wig with wig shampoo will enable it to stay clean and healthy looking. Take your wig off and gently rinse it in water. Delicately rub wig shampoo through your wig and allow it to sit in the sink for five minutes; swishing it through the water occasionally. Rinse out the remaining shampoo thoroughly, and gently rub wig conditioner through the strands of the wig. Rinse your wig out with cold water a few times to make sure that all of the shampoo and conditioner has left. To dry your wig, simply dab it slightly with a clean cloth; make sure not to rub too vigorously, as this will damage the wig. Do not use a hair dryer on your wig, as this will damage the synthetic fibers and will lead to frizz. Only brush your wig when it has completely dried, or the brush can pull out fibers and cause damage.

Always keep your wig on a wig rack when you are not wearing it. Placing your wig in this location will ensure that it is not unintentionally damaged, and will help it retain its shape and luster. Your wig rack should be placed in a location away from direct sunlight, and free of dust. A dark corner of a bedroom or on a dresser or chest of drawers is ideal. Heat can cause severe damage to a synthetic wig, so avoid using curling irons or other heat-inducing instruments on it.

Long wigs are a little more time consuming, and take a little more effort than shorter ones do. People who wear long wigs should follow the same basic guidelines in order to keep their wigs frizz-free, but should expect the maintenance to take a little bit more time. When shampooing and conditioning, the wearer should make sure that all products are rinsed out of the wig before letting it air dry.

As a general rule, take off your synthetic wig before swimming in a chlorinated pool or spa. Do not attempt to dye your synthetic wig another color, as this may permanently damage it.


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