How To Keep Your Belly Button Clean All Year Long

One part of the body that many people neglect is the belly button. Often when we are showering or taking a bath we forget about the small part of our body and getting it clean as well. Some overweight people may have a real problem in getting to it to get it clean. Here are some ways for how to keep your belly button clean all year long that are fairly simple to follow.

To begin with, when you are taking your shower use a washcloth with some soap on the end and take your finger and gently go over the area around your belly button. Whether it is easier for you if you sit down or stand up will depend upon your comfort level and how much you weigh. This is for people who need a light cleaning and it helps them keep their belly button clean without a whole lot of buildup which is what many of us end up getting if we let it go for too long. Doing this every day really clean it up and help get rid of all the excess dirt that accumulates there throughout the day. For those who have a deep belly button, you may find that you need to clean a bit more and spend a few more minutes gently scrubbing. Since this is a tender area you will want to avoid pressing too hard.

For those people whose belly buttons have already gone a great deal of time without being cleaned, you may need to take more drastic measures. For this technique you will a Q-tip, some liquid soap and lotion or baby oil. You will want to take the head of the Q-tip and dip it in the lotion or baby oil. Lotion or baby oil works in really getting all the dirt out as it grabs it quickly. You will then want to take the Q-tip and push it around and around on your belly button until you start to see the bits of dirt and other materials come off. You may need to use more than one Q-tip for those who have a large amount of build up. Once you have gotten all the dirt and other stuff out of your belly button with the Q-tip dipped in lotion or baby oil, you will want to get another Q-tip and dip it in the liquid soap and clean around the belly button. Once you are done, be sure to rinse thoroughly. After you have completed this more thorough cleaning you will find, that belly button is finally clean and that making it stay clean year round is an easier task now. You may then simply take to doing the once over cleaning mentioned above. Then you are free to live as the newer, cleaner you.


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