How To Keep Your Hair Color from Fading

Hair coloring may give a person a better look, whether she is a teenager who dyes her hair blonde to keep it in style, or an older man who dyes his hair black to avoid looking like a sexagenarian. Whatever reasons they may have in dying their hair, they surely want to maintain the vibrant color of their new hair. Although it is inevitable that artificial hair color would eventually fade due to constant shampooing, continuous sun exposure and excessive oxidation, you can still make it last, and here is how to do it.

  • Let the hair dye settle. Avoid shampooing within 12-24 hours after you’ve had your hair colored. This would allow the hair color to penetrate through your hair. Hair dyes usually dry up completely within 2-4 hours only. But letting it stay longer would enable your hair produce natural oils, which if combined with the dye would produce a longer lasting effect and a more vibrant hair color.
  • Avoid perspiration. Avoid activities that make you perspire right after coloring your hair. Not only will perspiration forestall your hair dye from drying up properly and prevent it from penetrating through your hair, it will also cause the unevenness of the hair color.
  • Proper shampooing. Especially during the first 2 weeks after you’ve had your hair colored, avoid shampooing using hot water, as it speeds up fading of your hair dye. Hot water loosens up the shaft of your hair and allows shampoo to seep in; and when this happens, it would destroy the adhesive properties of your hair dye. If you can’t stand using cold water when bathing, use tepid water instead. Or in the alternative, use cold water on your head only, and use hot or warm water on your body.
  • Pick the right shampoo. Shampoos nowadays have been manufactured according to different hair types. There are shampoos that are specifically made for colored hair, such as Kerastase's Bain Miroir Shampoo, John Frieda Collection Shampoo, ShiKai's Henna Gold Shampoo, and L’oreal Elseve Color-vive Caring Shampoo. These shampoos use UV filter technology that protects your hair from the sun’s destructive properties, for visibly prolonged vibrant colored hair. Invest in and use any of these shampoos.
  • New hair color fades with protein. Do not use protein infused shampoo, for protein causes new hair color to fade.
  • Do not swim. To maintain the clarity of water, chlorine is often used in swimming pools. Avoid swimming in such pools, as chlorine is known to have color-fading properties. As a matter of fact, even natural hair color fades when it comes in contact with water with excessive concentration of chlorine.

Most people dye their hair to look better. However, if they do not know how to maintain their hair shiny and radiant, it defeats the very purpose why they had their hair color treated. While it is true that caring for color-treated hair is much more demanding than maintaining naturally colored hair, it is equally true that it is not difficult at all. All you have to do is follow the easy and simple tips in the article.


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