How To Keep Your Hair Looking Great

You just got to your classroom or office, and then suddenly a friend of yours asks, “Gusty wind outside huh? Having a bad day?”  You simply look back at her, and say nothing at all. You’re wondering why in the world she would ask you that question. You’re clueless… until lunch break comes. You go to the comfort/powder room, and look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that there’s nothing wrong. You’re about to leave the comfort room when you finally noticed that there’s something wrong—your hair!  Your hair is dry, dull and dreary. You’ve finally come to reason that you haven’t been paying attention to your hair for the longest time in your life. You haven’t been paying attention to your hair, but others do!

Has this happened to you? If yes, do something about it. If no, don’t just stand there and wait for it to occur to you. Follow these simple tips on how to keep your hair looking great.

  • Pick the right shampoo for you. Different shampoos suit various types of hair. There are shampoos for normal hair, for dry hair, for oily hair, for damaged hair, and for colored hair. Know your hair and choose the best shampoo for you. Remember that these shampoos are specifically engineered to go well with particular hair types. Choosing and using the wrong shampoo may damage your hair. (Supplementing your shampoo with a conditioner would definitely be a plus.)
  • Use tepid to cold water when shampooing your hair. When you wash your hair, avoid using hot water, as it washes away the natural oils and minerals of your hair, leaving it dull, frizzy and unmanageable.
  • Create a regular hair cut schedule. Make it a habit to visit your salon every now and then: every four to six weeks would be good. Having a regular haircut does not only keep your hair in style, but it also helps in getting rid of the unwanted dry and split ends.
  • Avoid the sun’s rays. The damaging effect of the sun’s rays is due to the ultraviolet (UV) rays that it contains, aside from its heat that dries up your hair. Avoid it at all costs. If you can’t, at least make it a point that you cover your hair with a hat, cap or even a piece of cloth every time you’re exposed to it.
  • Brush your hair. Brushing for about 100 strokes a day keeps your hair healthy. First of all, it massages your scalp and unclogs its pores, which stimulates healthy hair growth. Second, it untangles interwoven hair. And lastly, it promotes secretion of the natural oils of your hair, giving it a glossy and shiny finish.
  • Avoid chlorinated water. Swimming pool water is often infused with chlorine to maintain its clarity. Try not swim in such pools for long periods of time, as chlorine does not only dry up your hair, but it also causes your hair color to fade (be it your natural hair color, or a colored-treated hair). And if you can’t avoid it altogether, make sure to apply hair conditioners after every time you swim.

Pay attention to your hair, because you’re not the only one who’s paying attention to it!


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