How To Keep Your Hands Looking Young and Beautiful

Millions of dollars have been spent on anti-aging products in an effort to keep our faces looking young and healthy. Recently, however, the focus on keeping our hands looking young and beautiful is making news.

Our hands do so many things for us on a daily basis that it's easy to take it for granted that they will always look young and beautiful without much extra care. However, this is not true! And, it is not just the skin on our hands that counts; it is also our fingernails, cuticles, knuckles, and palms that make up what we call our hands.

Each of these areas should be pampered and cared for from an early age if you want to prevent your hands from having visible signs of aging. Some negative early aging signs include thinner skin, sun damage causing brown-colored age or liver spots, cracked or broken fingernails, hangnails, palm calluses, chapped or cracked skin.

Including the following important hand care tips on a regular basis will help keep your hands looking young, beautiful, and healthy. Use these tips for how to keep your hands young looking.

  1. Apply a waterproof sunscreen formulated for hands that contains a minimum of 15 SPF. Do this daily, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors.
  2. Apply moisturizer to your hands at least 3 or 4 times a day and also at bedtime. Select a moisturizer containing amino acids as this will help build collagen. Collagen helps your skin retain moisture, keeping the skin on your hands looking healthy and young.
  3. Protect your hands with gloves when doing dishes or using soaps, cleaning solvents, or other chemicals. If you're a gardener, always wear garden gloves to protect your hands from dirt, scratches, and the hot sun.
  4. Do a self-manicure weekly, or more often if needed, to keep your nails and cuticles looking healthy and attractive. First, soak your hands in warm water to help soften your cuticles. Next, apply a cuticle removing cream to help remove dead skin or hangnails. (Always follow product directions.) Gently push each of your cuticles back and all around your nail with a cuticle stick, and then wash hands with warm water. Next, gently file your fingernails in a smooth oval shape after you've trimmed them. Finally, apply your favorite nail polish followed by a topcoat. You will be amazed at how young, healthy, and lovely your hands will look if you follow this routine regularly.
  5. To enhance circulation in your hands, massage your palms and each finger regularly using a warm oil of your choice. This is a great way to help keep your hands looking young and healthy every day!


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