How To Keep Your Lips Healthy and Moisturized

Learning how to keep your lips healthy and moisturized is something we all struggle with occasionally. This is especially true in the winter months. Living indoors with hot dry heat can do damage to our lips. Being outside with cold dry winds also can take the moisture right out of our lips. Learning a few simple steps to moisturizing our lips and keeping them healthy will help us all.

Our lips are skin. They are part of the body organ called the Integumentary. It is a group of organs consisting of the skin, hair and nails. Its functions are to protect the body, eliminate waste and regulate body temperature. While you may see your lips as just the passageway for food, they do serve a very important function.

When we are dehydrated, one of the first places we notice is our lips. If you are not getting the required 8 to 10 glasses of water a day your body will start to ration. The lips will not get the moisture they need from the inside. They will become dry and chapped. A very simple fix to this is to ensure you are getting those glasses of water. Being proactive will prevent your lips from being chapped and dry. Once they are loading up on the water, your lips will become healthier and moisturized again.

Use a quality chap stick or safeguard when you know you are going to be exposed to the elements. There are many varieties available at your local grocery or mega mart store. Find one which has a sunscreen, yes even in winter your lips need sunblock. Try to find a nice natural lip protection. One which may have vitamins, sunblock and natural oils is best. If at all possible stay away from the waxy ones with petroleum. While they may aid in ensuring moisture is not taken out of your lips, they can be harmful.

Don't lick your lips. The temptation for chapped lips is to lick them to add moisture to them. Saliva will do just the opposite. If you are wearing a flavored lip protection this may even add to the problem. Saliva will make your lips appear even more chapped and you will start to notice dry dead skin on your lips.

In the winter if you find yourself outside try to keep your lips covered. Keeping your lips away from cold dry winds will help them to stay healthy. The same is true if you live in an area that is hot and dry. Something as simple as covering your mouth with a scarf, will help keep cold winds off your lips and help to protect them.

One of the keys to keeping your lips healthy and moisturized is to drink plenty of water, protect your lips with sunscreen and don't lick your lips. Use quality lips products, preferably with natural ingredients. Products with added vitamins, such as E will aid in keeping your lips healthy. Remember in the winter months your lips may need extra protection.


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