How To Keep Your Lipstick Lasting Longer

Lipstick is a basic item that most women cannot live without. It grants the wearer fuller lips, confidence and sexiness. Made from oils, waxes, pigments and moisturizers, lipsticks are carefully studied and tested to have distinctive color, texture and keep moisture in the lips. Proper color blending is important with all make-up to create a new look.

Cleopatra, in Egyptian times, was considered as one of the goddesses in history. She wore lipsticks that were formerly made from squeezed carmine beetles, which provides the red pigment, and with ants as the base. They used pearlescence to give the lips a shimmering glow. Through the years, lipsticks have been reinvented to form great color combinations. Women in different careers use lipstick at work, if not all the time. However, there are lipsticks that wear off easily or get smudged. With all the busyness, no wonder many are looking for the perfect lipstick that can last the whole day, especially after eating or drinking. Expensive lipsticks offer such luxury, but not all can afford the price.

Here are steps that you should know to keep that lipstick intact for long periods:

  1. Exfoliate your lips. To prepare the lips for exfoliation, apply lip balm before you go to bed. The next day, you can use a toothbrush with soft bristles to remove dead or dry skin cells from your lips. This will prevent the lips from chapping and peeling, giving the lipstick smooth skin to stick on.
  2. Apply lip liner. A lip liner not only defines the natural contour of the lips. It also keeps the lipstick from going outside the line and getting smudged because a lip liner is made of dry material.
  3. Apply lipstick or lip-gloss.

Or you can do the following to make that lipstick last longer:

  1. Dab your lips with a face powder, preferably a powder foundation. Powder causes the lips to dry, which helps balance the lipstick oils, making the lipstick adhere better and not get smudged easily.
  2. Afterwards, apply the lipstick. In applying lipstick, it is better if you apply it thinly. This will make it adhere more to the skin. Or, you can apply the lipstick and close your lips on a double ply tissue. The purpose of the tissue is to remove some of the lipstick oils, leaving only the shade. With less oil, the lipstick is bound to stay longer.
  3. Double coating the lipstick can make it last longer too, just like wall paint. However, the first coat should be applied thinly. It’s up to you how generously you want to apply the second coat, just don’t overdo it.

However, lipstick alone cannot guarantee perfect lips, especially during photo shoots. Entertainers and models make sure their lips look fresh and perfect in front of the camera by wearing lip concealer to hide dark areas around the lips.

Some of the best long lasting lipsticks come from Dior, Maybelline, Max Factor and Clinique. These are capable of staying fresh and moisturized for more than eight hours, while some even can last more than a day. If you think about it, it is good to buy long lasting lipsticks every once in a while. Comparing expensive lipstick to cheap items, you tend to reapply cheap lipstick more often. Expensive lipstick, on the other hand, is applied only once a day, no need to retouch.


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