How To Keep Your Nails Looking Nice

Some women always look polished from head to toe. Their skin and make up are flawless, their hair is always shiny and smooth, and their clothes impeccable and stylish. The crowning touch is a fabulous set of nails. They don't have to be long and polished, but they should always look neatly groomed. Here's how to make your nails look beautiful.

Even if you weren't blessed with strong, fast-growing fingernails, you can still keep your nails looking nice. If you have long, elegant fingers, you're very lucky. You can draw as much or as little attention to your hands as you like. If your fingers are shorter and not quite as slender, you may want to keep your polish more subdued.

The most important thing you can do to keep your nails looking nice is to file them regularly. Always file in one direction, never back and forth in a sawing motion, as this can weaken the nails. Filing will not only keep your nails looking nice and neat, but it will stop jagged edges from catching on clothes or other items, and possibly tearing off and bleeding.

One tool that helps to keep your nails looking nice is a multi-sided file. The best ones out there allow you to file the edges, smooth out the ridges, refine the tips with a fine-grained surface, and buff the main part of the nail to a high shine.

Cuticle maintenance is another important factor. Even if you keep your nails looking nice, jagged cuticles can ruin the whole look. Clip off any stray, torn cuticles with manicure scissors. The safety of pushing the cuticles back has been debated, so you may or may not want to skip this step. Use a good cuticle cream nightly, and always apply a deep-penetrating hand cream after washing your hands. If you have problem cuticles, apply cuticle cream whenever possible throughout the day.

If you decide to use polish, follow these steps to keep your nails looking nice. First, make the surface of your freshly filed nails as smooth as possible. Ridges can cause polish to look sloppy. Choose a flattering shade, using your make up look as a guide. Keep nail polish remover and cotton balls, Q-tips, and a cuticle stick with a pointy end handy, in case of mistakes.

Put a small amount of polish on the brush; too much will cause the polish to go on unevenly, and possibly create air bubbles. Apply in quick, even strokes from bottom to top, and allow to dry completely before applying a second coat. After the last coat dries, apply a top coat of clear polish to protect the color and keep your nails looking nice.

A natural look is classy and flattering on everyone. This can be achieved by simply following the grooming tips mentioned at the beginning of the article to keep your nails looking nice. Buffing is the most important step, after maintaining the nail tips and cuticles. If you'd like to dress up this look a bit, add some clear polish. You don't have to use dramatic color to look polished and stylish. In fact, this natural style is an easy way to add a bit of gloss, and make sure you keep your nails looking nice.


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