How To Keep Your Skin Looking Younger

Most adults wish that their skin looked younger. While it is most effective to fight aging skin before it happens, there are ways that you can help your skin look younger even as you age. Remember, the earlier you start treating your skin well, the better it will look!

  1. ALWAYS use sunscreen. The main reason why skin shows the signs of aging is from sun damage. The sun can do a lot more harm to your skin than just causing wrinkles. For your health and for your beauty, use sunscreen on your face and lip balm on your lips. There are many sunscreens on the market now that can be used every day without causing breakouts or feeling heavy and greasy. Get in the habit of making a moisturizer or lotion with sunscreen part of your daily routine.

  2. Cleanse your face gently and regularly. Use the right kind of cleanser for your skin type, i.e. use a sensitive skin cleanser for sensitive skin. Use warm water (not hot!) and be gentle. Don't scrub your face and don't use harsh soaps on it. Make sure you always remove makeup before going to bed, as this is also part of cleansing your face. Pat your skin dry; do not rub it.
  3. Moisturize. Even if you have oily skin, find a moisturizer that you use daily. There are plenty of high quality moisturizers that are not oil based.
  4. Eat well. Processed foods, saturated fats, and trans fats can age your skin from the inside out. Try to eat foods that provide vitamin E, vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids.
  5. Exercise. Exercise increases circulation, with makes your skin look better, and gives it a natural glow.
  6. Sleep well. Cutting your sleep short can cause dark circles under your eyes, as well as baggy, puffy eyes. These can only be partially concealed by makeup - it's much better to get enough sleep!
  7. Don't smoke. If you smoke, quit. Smoking causes wrinkles by decreasing you blood flow as well as depleting your body of nutrients needed for beautiful skin. Also, the facial position needed to smoke - pursing your mouth - can cause wrinkles all around your mouth.

Whether you are young or old, wrinkled or unwrinkled, people who are confident and contented are usually rated as more attractive. So, take care of your skin, but also try to be happy in your own body - it will affect what people see when they look at you!


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