How To Knit a Funky Hat

Funky hats make unique accessories. It makes any outfit not only interesting but helps the person wearing it stand out in the crowd as well. If you are a knitter who wants to work on a project that will show off your creativity and sense of fun, a funky hat may just be the right project for you. Not only will it allow you to showcase your personal style but it is very easy to do too so whether you are a beginner or not, knitting this hat will not be a problem for you.

Here are steps to help you knit one in medium size (about 20 inches around and 7 inches tall):

Materials needed. The materials that you need are as follows:  55 yards of a bulky-weight yarn made from either acrylic or polyamide in your color of choice; 1 set US#11 circular needles on a 16-inch cable, 1 set US#11 double-pointed needles, stitch marker, a pair of scissors and a yarn needle.

Gauge. For this particular project, you will be using a gauge of 3 ½ stitches and 4 rows per inch in stockinette stitch in the round.

Step 1. To start knitting your funky hat, cast on 64 stitches.

Step 2.
Join in the round by knitting the first stitch tightly to prevent any gaps between the first and last stitches in the round. Be careful that you do not twist the stitches by making sure that all your stitches are facing the same direction before you make your join. You can use a stitch marker to help you remember.

Step 3. Knit in 2x2 (meaning knit 2, purl 2) ribbing for 2 inches.

Step 4. Continue to knit in stockinette stitches until the whole piece measures up 6 inches long.

Step 5. For the next row, knit two (K2) knit two together. Repeat procedure across. 48 stitches.

Step 6. On the next row, knit one (K1) knit two together. Repeat procedure across. 32 stitches.

Step 7. For the next row, knit one (K1) knit two together and repeat across, end knit 2 (K2). 22 stitches.

Step 8. Knit two together across. 11 stitches.

Step 9. Knit two together across, end knit 1 (K1). 5 stitches.

Finishing touches. Remember to change to your double-pointed needles as you decrease. You can also knit with two circular needles when you can no longer accommodate enough stitches on your single circular needle. Once you get down to five or six stitches, you may now cut the yarn as long as you leave a long trail. Thread the yarn using your yarn needle and weave it through the live stitches and slide them off carefully as you go. Pull it tightly to make the top of your hat. Finish it off by weaving in the ends.

Congratulations on the job well done!  You are now ready to show off your new one-of-a-kind funky hat next time you go out with your family and friends. They will definitely notice how distinct it is and may even want to own one so don’t be surprised if they start asking you to make one for them too. Just make sure you have plenty of yarn for everybody once you do!


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