How To Knit a Hat in the Round

Most people who are just beginning to knit tend to stay away from knit-in-the-round projects because of the degree of difficulty they seem to bring. Contrary to popular belief though, knitting in the round is not only easy but it is also very simple to do. Its ability to create seamless tubes while greatly reducing the amount of work involved has attracted most knitters—regardless if  advanced or not—to favor this technique over flat knitting.

Are you ready to give it a try?  If so, then here’s a simple pattern that you can use to make a rolled brim hat that is about 21 inches around and 10 inches tall that will suit an average person.

Materials needed. The materials that you will need to knit a rolled brim hat are: a skein or about 90 yards of chunky wool in the color of your choice, 1 US 10.5 sized US circular needle in 16 inch cable, a set of 10.5-sized US double-pointed needles, a pair of scissors and a yarn needle.

The gauge that you will use for this particular project is 14 stitches and 20 rows per 4 inches—which is equivalent of 3.5 stitches and 5 rows per inch—in stockinette stitches in the round. Take time to check your gauge.

Step 1.
To start knitting your rolled brim hat, cast on 76 stitches with your circular needle and join in round by knitting the first stitch on the left. Tug it slightly to make sure it’s nice and tight and be careful not to twist stitches around your needle.

Step 2. Next, work in stockinette stitches for 9 more inches.

Step 3. For the next round, knit 2 (K2) knit two together (K2tog). Repeat same procedure around.

Step 4. Continue working straight for the next 2 rounds. When there are few stitches left to fit around your circular needle, you can change to your double-pointed needles and use them instead.

Step 5. For the next round, knit 1 (K1) knit two together (k2tog). Repeat same procedure around.

Step 6. Continue working for 1 straight round.

Step 7. For the next round, knit two together (k2tog) and repeat same procedure around.

Step 8. Continue working for another 1 straight round.

Step 9. Knit two together and repeat procedure to end knit 1 (K1).

Finishing touches. Leave a long trail and then cut your yarn. Thread the yarn using your yarn needle and weave it through the live stitches and slide them off carefully as you go. Pull it tightly to make the top of your hat. Finish it off by weaving in the ends.

Congratulations, you just made your very own rolled brim hat! You can use the same pattern to make hats in different colors to match every outfit in your wardrobe or if you want, make hats for your friends and family too. Remember that a rolled brim hat is not only easy to do but wearing it is a fun and stylish way to keep you warm too!


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