How To Latch Hook a Hair Weave

If you have ever wondered how celebrities can change the appearance of their hair in just a couple of days, one of the secrets is to use hair extensions and hair weaves. Using hair weaves allows you to drastically change your hair style without having to wait for your actual hair to grow out. You can also cut your hair shorter, knowing that you can apply some hair weave if you need to wear your hair long for a certain formal occasion. Here’s how.

  • Hair washing. First of all, you will need to leave your day unwashed on the day that you will apply the hair weave using latch hooks. Allowing your hair to be a little bit oily will make it easier for you to work on the hair weave and will make it much easier to latch hook the weaves into your hair. Also, very clean and very fine hair is usually difficult to weave into cornrows, which you will have to do if you want to apply a latch hook hair weave. Make sure that you condition your hair during the last wash prior to attaching the hair weave, however.
  • Cornrows. Next, you will need to get your hair arranged into cornrows. The cornrow is important because it will allow you some space where you can attach the latch hooks. The cornrows will be the small little nubs that you can use to attach the hair weave into place. There are two basic ways of creating cornrows. One is by making cornrows that are concentrically arranged on the head, following the natural curve of the head. The other way is by creating horizontal cornrows. Either way, you will need assistance from a friend in order to get the cornrows on your hair.
  • Latching. Once the cornrows are present, the next step is to latch on the hooks onto your natural hair that has been knotted into cornrows. Make sure that the latch hooks are attached as firmly as possibly onto the cornrows, especially if you plan on wearing the hair weaves for a long time. Otherwise, the hair weave may come off the hair. The last thing that you want is to find patches of your hair weave sticking out and falling off.
  • Sectioning. Once the latch hooks are in place, the next step is to section off the hair weaves, and attaches them into the locks by pushing them into place. Once the hair weaves have been pushed through the hooks, fold the hair in half. Some hair weaves will come with sewn edges that keep the hair together. If you are working with these types of hair weaves, you will need to cut off the sewn edges using hair scissors.
  • Locking and knotting. After you have sectioned off all your hair and attached all of the hair weaves, the final step is to lock them into place by knotting or tying the hair into place. The knot should be very tight, to prevent the weave from falling off.

When using hair weaves and hair extensions, you should always look for all natural weaves made from pure human hair. These extensions are usually much more expensive, but they are also longer-lasting and are easier to care for.


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