How To Lay Tracks for a Hair Weave

Human, synthetic, long, short, curly, straight, Indian, Remy, virgin, red, black, and purple if you are bold, many variations of styles, but the end results is a woman’s crown and glory. Hair weave or high quality extension hair has evolved over the years. There are so many benefits to wearing hair extensions, one being that you can protect your own natural hair. The main reason most women will tell you they are flaunting a saucy Indian Remy weave, flawless perfection hanging to the middle of their back, is that it makes them feel good to look good.  Here are some steps on making your hair weave look the best so that you feel your best.

  • Whether you are gluing the hair in or sewing it in, you always need to insure proper treatment of your natural hair.
  • Wash and condition before adding tracks, but insure that you deep condition your hair, and treat it with hot oil or a hair mayonnaise at least twice a month.
  • Select a hair and a color that is natural or blends well with your natural color if you want your weave to look like you grew it. If your roots are dark, then lean towards a dark color.
  • If you are gluing the hair in, then decide on the style that is most suitable to you, because you will be parting your hair and laying your tracks in that design.
  • If your track is thick or doubled and you want a more natural look, then slit it at the threads with a razor blade and it will become 2 full-length pieces of hair.
  • Insure that you have all the supplies you need; glue, hair, rat-tail comb, hair-clips, brush, blow dryer, sprits and oil sheen. (Curling irons if needed, preferably a bumper iron).
  • Start in the back near the nape, and part or section the hair in ½ inch sections from left to right. Stay inside the hair line.
  • Line the track of the hair with glue, and press right below the part line. Spray little sprits after each application of weave and you can blow the track with the hair dryer to insure that it is tightly in place.
  • When you get towards the middle, above your ears, you can part the hair from left to right and continue to add tracks, but beware of getting to close to your edges, the glue can pull this thin area of hair out, so stop the track right before you get to your hair line.
  • Leave enough of your natural hair out to cover your tracks.
  • Comb hair into desired style.
  • Spray with oil sheen.
  • Add heat for a natural shine, and you can use the bumper irons to assist with styling, but the combination of heat and oil will give your hair a lustrous shine.


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