How To Layer Bangs and Face Frame

Having bangs could be very stylish, not just a straight line cut across your forehead, like many of us seem to think. In fact, it is now the popular style. In doing so, it gives a variety of fashion statements on one's face. It is important to understand that bangs do not necessarily have to be short on the forehead. They can be considered “grown out bangs”. The bangs can be layered, giving a final touch to a particular face frame. It’s ultimately the person’s style of choice.

When you look at a person's face, many times the shape of their face is important to determine what look would be good for him or her. For example: do they have a heart shaped face? Do they have a round full face? Some people have an oval shaped face and others have a full square shaped face. Once that is answered, to frame the face with bangs, can be a nice option. Many styles can now be explored.

Having said that, you would first have to find out where the first cut should be. The next discussion should be whether the person would like the bangs straight across or angled a little to frame the face. It is important also to take notice of the fullness or thinness of the hair and the condition that the hair is in. For example: if the hair comes across as very thick and full, the person should consider getting the bangs layered. During this process the first layer should be talked about as to where it should start. Whether it should be long layers or short layers. This is mainly geared towards the framing of one's face.

The cut could be from the chin and on down. The cut can also start at the eye level and down to the chin, (depending on how long or short the hair is). You should section the hair to ensure the cut. Make sure never to take hair from the back for a bang hair cut (it will only fall to the back and not down on the forehead). Keep in mind, if a woman has thin hair, bangs could certainly add some style, but layers can make it appear even thinner. However, face framing could add some fullness.

The curling iron can play a very important part on the “how to” of face framing and bangs. To face frame would mean to take the curling iron and possibly curl inward toward the face, giving it that framing inward appearance. To change things up, the curls can be outward and wild giving a totally other look of fullness to a face framing style.

One thing is for sure, bangs; face framing; or even both can change a person's appearance drastically so it is very important to the person to specify what he or she desires and go from there.


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