How To Layer Cut Your Own Hair

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A layered cut is back in fashion. The style is not exclusive to those people with long hair. A layered cut also looks good on people with short hair. In fact it can be quite dramatic and trendy and different looks can be achieve by applying mousse, gel, clay or even using a curling iron. There are different methods to cut your hair in layers, depending on its length. Following are some of the tips.

  • If your hair is already layered and you just want to shorten it, this will be easier to do as you already have a guide to follow. Shampoo and condition your hair and towel off excess water. It is easier to cut wet hair. Use a wide tooth comb and comb your hair down, removing tangles. Part your hair in the middle and use long hair pins to keep the hair in place.
  • Sit in a spot that has good lighting and use a large mirror where you can see your whole head. Take a section of hair, near your ear and pin the rest of the hair up. Following the previous cut as a guide, use a fine tooth comb to straighten the hair, place the section of hair between your index and middle finger, spreading the strands so they are not clumped together. Hold the hair vertically and snip the ends. It is better to cut gradually and repeat until you have achieved the desired result rather than cutting a longer portion at once, which you will not be able to correct if you have cut too much. If you have bangs this section should also be separated.
  • Remove the pin the holds the rest of the hair on one side and take another section. The section should be about an inch by two inches so that the layering will be gradual. Follow the process you have done earlier until you have done the hair that you have let out.
  • Move to the other side and follow the same process. Check the length of hair on each side by taking a clump and visibly measuring it.
  • Comb the rest of the hair from your crown to the bangs. Place a pin on the hair section at the back of your head. Taking mini-sections, start from one side of the crown, making sure that you take some of the newly cut hair from the side as a guide. Hold the hair straight out and snip the ends. Do the other side and then move forward towards your bangs. If you like to have it longer then comb the bangs down your forehead, gather it and hold it straight up. Hold the scissors directly over tips and cut the hair in a saw tooth pattern. This will give your bangs an uneven end and a good layer.
  • It may take some time to cut the hair at the back of your head. Gather a mini section from the crown and hold the hair up and snip the ends. Do this up to a point where you can no longer see the hair it you hold it up. The rest should be cut by feel and good deduction, gradually. You can also turn your head sideways and hold the hair straight out and cut the ends by holding the scissors vertically. If you cut horizontally your hair will have overlapping lines.
  • For a more graduated layer, repeat the sections and this time give the ends a saw tooth cut. You can also pull the hair in the opposite direction when you do this.
  • Blow dry your hair and style it to see it there are some hair that have remained uncut and trim them.
  • If your hair is longer, the easiest way to cut the hair on the back is to gather your hair in a tight ponytail around your ear level. Gather the ponytail in one hand and pull it up and cut about two to three inches off the ends straight across. When you remove the band that holds the ponytail, the hair will fall in layers.

Take the time to study some hairstyles and imagine how the hair has been cut. Do not be in a hurry when you are cutting your hair in layers. Small mistakes may not be noticeable as the hair cut is uneven but a big one will be harder to hide. It also takes some time to get used to placing the scissors where you want it to when using a mirror. Take small sections of hair as you cut until you get used to cutting your own hair.


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