How To Layer Hair with Layering Scissors

Today, many women are getting layers to add more bounce and volume to their hair. When getting layers for the first time, you will need the right type of scissors, such as layering scissors. Layering scissors are shaped like regular scissors, but with a comb in the back, so it will be easier to layer your hair the proper way, especially when doing layers at home. There's no need to worry about messing up your hair because with layering scissors, only the hair that you want to be cut will be cut and the other pieces of hair are left longer. In order to achieve the style of having layered hair, you will need to follow the following steps. There are many ways to get layered hair.

One way to layer your hair is to first wash and condition your hair. It is best to work with a clean head of hair. After conditioning, towel dry hair. Remember, when layering hair, the hair needs to be damp for layering and the layering scissors will be able to easily glide through the hair. It can be done on dry hair as well, but it is easier with wet hair. Comb out all tangles from hair with a large toothed comb. Don't be too rough with your hair. Work from bottom to top to avoid losing a lot of hair in the detangling process. If detangling spray is needed, use just enough to get the tangles out of your hair. Flip your head over and comb down. With the layering scissors, cut hair straight across and then flip hair back and you will have nice layers.

Another way to layer your hair is to wash and dry hair, comb to remove all of the tangles, and then trim the hair straight across, but without flipping the hair over. Now, with the layering scissors, you will work your way up, holding each piece at a 90-degree angle. This is so you get the right shape that you want to have for your layered hairstyle. Each time you cut a piece of hair, comb it down to make sure that your layered hair is even. If you need to, use the trimming shears to get rid of any strands of hair that are uneven. Keep coming down until you have finally gotten the layered style that you want.

An easier way to layer hair with layering scissors is to gather hair in a high ponytail on top of the head. With the ponytail secure, comb the ponytail straight up and use your layering scissors to cut straight across. Cut the hair about three to four inches. Take ponytail down and your hair will be layered.


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