How To Layer the Sides in a Man's Haircut

Most men like to have their hair cut often to keep it neat and trimmed.  To keep the hair short and well-trimmed, a man should have his hair cut every 4 weeks for very short hair and every 8 weeks for longer haircuts.

Most men prefer to have the sides of their hair layered.  It gives a nice, business look and it helps the hair to fall into place.  Layering the sides of the hair in a men's haircut is necessary to lessen the weight of hair that is heavy or to create more volume in hair that is too thin.  The following are the steps for how to layer the sides of a men's haircut.

In order to layer the sides of a men's haircut, you will need a pair of scissors, a thin comb and a pair of shears or razors.

  1. First of all, you will need to wet the hair.  Damp hair is easier to cut than dry hair.  If the hair is dry and you can't wet it, then spray the hair with water.  You will then need to comb the sides of the hair straight down.
  2. Next, take a small section of the hair located towards the back of the head.  Take the comb and run it down the length of the hair and separate it into a section.
  3. Take the section of hair you just separated and comb it out from the man's head.  You will need to hold the section of hair between your first and second fingers.  While keeping the hair at an angle, comb the hair from a piece in the back of the head.  The shorter piece of hair from the back of the head will be your guide to layering the hair on the side of the head.
  4. Next, while keeping the scissors parallel to the man's head, you will cut the hair at an angle.  Keeping the scissors parallel will ensure that you are cutting the hair at an angle and that the bottom sections of the hair will be shorter than the top pieces of hair.
  5. Now you will move on to the next section of the man's hair which will probably be the temples.  Repeat the same techniques as before with each section of hair, always keeping your scissors parallel to the head.  Keep repeating this entire process until you have reached the very top layer of hair.  If you are cutting the hair with a pair of shears, you will need to change the length of the blade every half-inch as you move up and through the hair.  This will give the hair that well-blended look.
  6. Finish trimming the man's hair on both sides, using each short area as your guide to layering the hair.  Keep checking the length as you go to make sure it is even and layered properly.

If you can develop this talent of layering the sides of a man's hair, you will be saving yourself a lot of time and money.


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