How To Learn a Basic Braid

Braids can be very fun to wear. They add sophistication and sweetness to your look. They have been big on the fashion seen since the summer time. There are now different variations such as “Milkmaid Braids”. Of course, they can be very difficult to make as well. There are a vast number of resources you can use in helping you create the perfect basic braid.

First, take a trip to your local library. You will find plenty of magazines and books that cater to hairstyles. You can usually borrow books, but you may not be able to borrow magazines. If you happen to find an article on basic braiding, be sure to copy the directions either by hand or with a copy machine.

If you have no luck with finding instructions on braiding, search for “How to” web sites. They will usually give you directions on any subject.

Before practicing your braid, be sure to study the directions. It’s better to memorize the directions so that you are hands free, and you won’t have to glance from the mirror to the paper every so often.

If you find that directions aren’t helping you, get someone else to help you. Your friend can try to make you a basic braid, while you observe through the mirror. Then practice on them.

There are also hairstyling classes that you can attend. Instead of learning from a piece of paper, you will experience a hands-on learning approach to braiding. And you may be allowed to practice on a mannequin head before trying it on yourself. You can also ask your hairstylist for help. She or he could probably give you a private hands-on lesson or some tips on creating the perfect braid. Some may even braid your hair for free!

If you can’t find anyone to help you learn a basic braid, then your next best thing would be to search for video web sites. YouTube is not just an entertainment site; it also has instructional videos that people use. Just type in the key words “braid” or “how to braid” and you will find a list of videos that will help you out. Don’t just pick one! Take the time to observe each one to see if they will help you out or not. Maybe you can take bits of information from each video so you can achieve your own perfect look.

Are you still frustrated from trying to make a basic braid? Your last resort would be to buy a braided hair extension. These usually come in clip-in and headband forms, and are an easy way to achieve that style. Just be sure to pick one that’s closest to your natural hair color. Everyone else will then wonder how you styled your hair!


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