How To Lighten Hair

Lightening hair does not mean you have to apply bleach or other damaging chemicals to the hair. In fact, you will be surprised to discover the different natural and harmless products you can use to lighten all of your hair, or just give yourself some highlights. Here's how to lighten your hair the natural way.

  1. Lighten hair with highlights before deciding to lighten all of your hair. Highlighting gives you an idea of how light you can get your hair, and also if you like the resulting color. If you like the look of the highlights, then proceed to bleach or lighten all of your hair if you want an all-over look. Applying highlights will make all of your hair appear lighter, because of the contrast in colors, so you do not have to lighten all of your hair.
  2. Squeeze fresh lemon juice onto the top of your head. Sit outside in the sunlight for a maximum of 5 hours to lighten your hair. Take breaks as necessary, and keep checking the progress in a mirror. Once your hair is lightened to your liking, wash out the lemon juice and dry the hair. This technique will lighten hair all over the head, or the area of the hair that receives the most light and heat during your sun bathing. Gain a little control and create highlights by applying the lemon juice to random strands of surface hair, instead of all over.
  3. Try other natural hair products like Sun-In that uses the sun's light and warmth to lighten hair. Spritz the product all over, or apply to specific strands. This method, along with the lemon lightening method is not as precise as chemical lightening with bleach or other harmful chemicals.
  4. Avoid using pure hydrogen peroxide to lighten the hair, as the chemical tends to lighten in shades of gray rather than in a brown, black, red, or blond shades. Lightening with peroxide often gives unnatural and unflattering gray streaks.

Lighten hair with home highlighting or bleaching kits, or visit a local hair salon and have your hair professionally lightened if you are hesitant to try natural or home lightening methods. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the chemicals from the hair, and treat the hair with a deep conditioner immediately after removal of the lightening agent in order to protect the hair and remedy any damage caused by the chemicals. Many stylists will advise you to apply the lightening agent to dirty, oily hair, because the natural oils will protect the strands of hair. Test a strand of hair before using chemical lighteners, to ensure you do not over-lighten.


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