How To Lighten Hair Color After Coloring it too Darkly

Hair coloring can sometimes be a tricky process. It takes a lot of patience to really achieve the results that you want. It is a lot easier to turn your hair from a light color to a darker one. Transforming the hair from a darker color to a lighter color is a lot harder. For the best results you should have a professional stylist that you trust to color your hair. There are products available which will allow you to color your hair on your own at home as well.

If you don't want to fully lighten your dark hair, you can apply highlights. There are highlighting kits available at any beauty supply store. The length of your hair will determine which kit you should purchase. Long hair should utilize the kits which have a brush that allows you to apply the color onto different strands of hair. In some cases two kits may be needed for really long hair. The kits give detailed instructions and tools on how to achieve the highlights correctly.

Highlights are cute for some, but not right for everyone. To completely change your darker hair color to a lighter one, you can dye your whole head. This will work with almost every color except black. It is extremely hard and time consuming to change black hair to a lighter color. To change from black to a lighter shade you must strip the hair of the black color, bleach it, and many steps after that. Professionals are the best ones to do this and they even have a hard time with this process.

When deciding on a color, you should figure out if you want a permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary type of hair dye. It all depends on how long you want the color to last after many shampoos. Permanent hair color lasts the longest, up to six weeks. If you change your hair color frequently, then temporary color is the perfect choice for you. If you plan to keep the color in for a while then permanent is the way to go.

Before you actually decide on what color you want to change your hair to, there are a few methods you can try to test it out before actually dying your hair. A few sites online will allow you to do makeovers on yourself. You can upload your picture, then change hair colors and styles to see how it might look on you. Another way is to try a quick weave. With a quick weave you get your hair braided and a stocking cap is put over it. The weave tracks are placed on top of the stocking cap. Use the color of weave that you are thinking about dying your hair in the future. This will allow you to see how your skin tone looks with that color without actually dying your hair.

Hair coloring is great for those wanting a new look. There are many different colors available to try out. It isn't healthy for you to constantly keep adding dye to your hair, so getting it right on the first try is critical. If you have the money, it is better to allow a professional to do this. They have many at home dyes to help change your darker color to a lighter one instantly, if you would rather tackle it yourself.


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