How To Lighten Skin Tone

Putting on face cream

Three great ways to lighten your skin tone can easily be found by walking in your local market where you will find many products that can help you lighten the tone of your skin. Some of these products have been made extremely affordable to the customer to help you achieve that desired look. You would be surprised to know how to use your own kitchen as your own little at home drugstore.

  1. First, maintaining a constant routine will improve the quality of your skin. You must see it as an addition to the Ten Commandments “thou shall use thy skin lightening routine daily” if not you will get nowhere and definitely not get the complexion that you want. The advice below can be the start to how you can begin this process. It can similarly be adjusted to fit not just the brightening of the face, but also the entire body.

    You want to make sure that the face or body is clean before using sunscreen protection. Sunscreen is highly recommended not only because it protects your skin from sunburn and UV exposure, because these things are major factors that can cause dulling of the skin or darker skin tone. Apply the sunscreen gently on your face or body. Do not forget behind the ears, around the neck, elbows, knees, and feet. If you are constantly outdoors re-apply when necessary.

  2. The second consideration is to use lotions, body washes, soaps, and face and hand creams that you can purchase at your local drugstore to lighten the texture of your skin. Most items already contain sunscreen, an excellent choice to facilitate your routine. These products can help diminish light visible freckles, age spots, and self-tanning if used correctly.
  3. Third, if you want to lighten the skin tone, talk to your dermatologist if you are considering a more rapid and intensive approach to skin brightening. He/she can suggest a prescription or a bleach cream appropriate for you. Keep in mind that this can cause minor sensitivity to your skin.
  4. However, if you are not interested in lotions and cream to help brighten your appearance then turn to your own kitchen. You can make your own skin tone brighter using simple remedies. Try lemon juice alone; create your own mask from tomato juice, lemon juice, and turmeric and sandalwood powder. Potato layers around the eyes can be great for dark circles. The best thing about using this method is that you know that what you are using is nothing but nature's best.

Last of all and maybe the most important step at the end of the day is exfoliation to remove dirt and dead cells that gives the body a lack of brightness, enhancing uneven skin tone.


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