How To Look Fabulous with Little or No Makeup

If you think a face without makeup is not pretty, then you are completely mistaken. In fact, one woman's natural beauty can trump that of one who is exaggerated with excessive makeup. Believe it or not, you can still look fabulous even with little or no makeup at all. Trusting your beauty and being confident are the first steps. Here are the other ways to look fabulous with little or no makeup.

  • Skin care. The first step towards looking fabulous without makeup is by nourishing your skin. Clean your face with mild facial washes, followed by moisturizers. Get some herbal steam facial twice every week. This will help you achieve clean pores that glow with health.
  • Exfoliate. It is also a good habit to exfoliate your skin before you go out. This will remove the dead skin cells and help increase the blood circulation in your face. This gives your skin a soft glow that is far better than the normal blush-on you apply on your cheeks.
  • Rest. Have a good night’s sleep. This will give you healthy skin that looks good even without makeup.
  • Water. Drink plenty of water every day to help keep your skin hydrated. As much as possible, avoid alcohol and caffeine.
  • Eyebrows. Keep your eyebrows well-groomed and make sure that there are no stray hairs that can make your eyes look cluttered.
  • Eyelashes. Using an eyelash curler for your eyelashes can emphasize your eyes. Without the use of any mascara, you can look perfectly pretty
  • Lips. Having little or no lipstick can reveal the natural beauty of your lips. Make your lips soft and smooth by applying moisturizer regularly.
  • Hair. Your hair can make or break your appearance. Therefore, you need to make your hair neat and shiny at all times. Wear a hairstyle that fits you perfectly.
  • Clothes. Choose or wear clothes that fit you well. A good choice of clothes for you to wear is an important factor to make yourself appear fabulous with even without makeup.

You can be beautiful in your natural ways, with the extra reward of freeing you from the long hours of applying makeup on your face as well as from the cost of makeup products.


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