How To Look Fierce

Most of the fairy tales that you have read, the cartoons that you have watched and books that you have perused always have varying perceptions and portrayals of fierceness. Even you have your own picture of a fierce man – or a fierce look, or a fierce aura. Stories often attribute fierceness to the villain, or the bully in the story. Fierce people have that intimidating look and those raised eyebrows that can surely threaten the good kid.

The fierce look is used for the sake of intimidating or threatening other people. This act of intimidating and threatening can be also done with a reasonable basis. If you are the type who often gets teased or mocked by others, then they may perceive you as a weakling or such. If you are playing a physical sport and you are really competitive, showing a fierce look is necessary. For you to avoid more mocking and teasing from people who cannot do something worthwhile out of their lives, it will definitely help if you will learn how to wear a fierce look. In that way, you will no longer appear as the easily conquered, losing kid.

Read up and prepare yourself for emerging as the untouchable, fierce person everyone will look up to:

  1. Practice the serious look. Get yourself a mirror and try to see yourself with no smile painted in your face. Do you look serious and too self-absorbed? Do you look convincingly fierce enough? Most probably, you do. Smiling too often can send the impression to others that you are a very bubbly and cheerful person. Thus, they will tend to approach you more often, defeating your purpose of getting a fierce look. If you learn how to be serious and smile only in the most suitable times, you will look fierce because it will appear that you are a no-nonsense person and you do not have time for trifling matters.
  2. Wear clothes and accessories that will make you “fierce”. Try wearing black clothes then decorate yourself with heavy metal earrings or necklaces. As an alternative, you can opt for other dark colors like violet, blue and dark brown, you can mix and match these colors all over your wardrobe to sort of intensify your look and make you appear “unconquerable.” Dark colors have that hot aura within themselves, which you will surely acquire if you wear them the right way.
  3. Highlight your face with “dark” make-up. Same with dark-colored clothes, dark face paints like make-up, eye liner and blush-on can give you that dark look. You will appear as if you are motionless and very cynic that you consequently look fierce as well. Wear black lipstick if you want. The dark look can bestow you a dark personality, which is neither mysterious nor trapped, but fearless and staunch.

By having the right attitude paired by a menacing look and a menacing outward appearance, you can attain the fierce look that you have been wanting. Start ransacking for your old dark clothes, stockings and make-ups and wear them with angst and confidence. And for sure, the next time you romp on the streets, everyone will look at you with simultaneous awe and a bit of intimidation. 


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