How To Look Good at a School with a Dress Code

School uniforms are far from on their way out. The security and the formality that they provide continues to make them a favorable option for schools. The best way to manage large schools, especially public schools, is by means of prescribing a school uniform. Some schools allow some compromises, but you might find the general complaint of restrictive uniform to be curtailing your fashion privileges.

Dress codes may sound like a killjoy to most teenagers like you. But that should not stop you from being your fashionable self. You don’t have to break rules to look good in your school uniform. All you need to do is to work your way through the dress code. And here’s how exactly you can do that. 

  1. Meet the standards first. Don’t break the regulations. Nothing is more disappointing than going to detention just because of a uniform issue. Meet the necessary standards. But if you can go loose on some details here and there, take advantage of that. For example, if you do not like a very tight skirt, you can have it adjusted to a few sizes to make it look hip.
  2. Play up your makeup. This is the best time to express your creativity by means of applying the right makeup products on your face. Make it subtle and matching your uniform colors. If you are also allowed to do so, paint your nails with an exciting shade. In all these, make sure that you blend your colors well and ensure that you don’t use too much makeup during PE classes. Carry a little translucent powder for retouch during breaktime.
  3. Accessorize. Necklaces and other jewelry are really nice accents to an otherwise drab looking school uniform. You can look at other ways you can accessorize aside from jewelry by making bracelets. Who knows? If you really have the talent, you can even turn it into an enterprise with your classmates.
  4. Focus on your crowning glory. Your hair is your asset. That will be one of the things that will set you apart in a sea of girls with the same school uniform. So give your hair all the love that you can give. And your stylist shall do the rest!
  5. Be liberal with your bag style. Your bag will be your only ticket to getting away from color codes. So be as generous and as lavish as possible with the bags that you are using everyday.
  6. Keep everything neat and tidy. In everything, whether you have a new hairstyle or at least some new bag, make sure that you are neat. A girl in uniform is at her worst when dressed shabbily.            

The good thing is that you are not really tied to school uniforms forever. You will have so many opportunities to make a fashion statement out of the classroom, even. So make the most out of your school uniform life and use it as a springboard to help you be more skilled in becoming a true blue fashion guru.


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