How To Look Good in a Toupee

For many men, hair loss can be catastrophic. Many men start experiencing hair loss as early as in their late 20s and early 30s. For most guys, a solution is to wear a toupee.

Toupees have come a long way since these were first manufactured. Today’s toupees look more natural and are made with real human hair. There are things you can do to look good in a toupee. Here are some techniques you can apply so your toupee will look like your natural hair.

  • Have a toupee custom made for you. Just like a suit, a custom made one is still much better than something off the rack. This way, wig maker can take into consideration the shape of your face and head, your natural hair color as well as the texture of your real hair.
  • Be willing to spend money to look good. As a rule of thumb, the more money you spend on a toupee, the better quality you will get for your money. Since this is a piece that you will wear everyday, go ahead and splurge and get the best one you can afford. Get a toupee made with real hear. Synthetic hair belongs to dolls, not your head.
  • Take care of the toupee. You need to wash, condition and dry your toupee just as you would real hair. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when you do to make sure your toupee doesn’t disintegrate when you wash it. If you use a lot of styling products on your toupee, you will need to wash it off regularly.
  • Style it naturally as you would your real hair. When you put on the toupee, style your hair as you would it if it were your natural hair. Don’t suddenly change the part of your hair. It will seem awkward and unnatural. Don’t try and comb all the hair towards the front or too much of it on the side, or you will look like a Ken doll.
  • Update the toupee. You will need to change your toupee as you get older. To make it look more natural, you need to check if the hair color on the toupee is still the same color as the rest of your natural hair color. As you age, you may be losing more of your natural hair, so update your toupee every two to three years. Check with your barber and ask his opinion.

The way to look great in a toupee is to make sure it still looks a lot like your natural hair. The hair should move when there’s wind, but make sure the piece is taped down securely to the rest of your head. Allow your scalp to breathe so take it off when you’re at home and let it sit on the mannequin head to maintain its shape. Later on, you may decide to forgo the toupee completely and embrace your bald look. Either one will be fine as long as you feel great in how you look.


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