How To Look Like a Beauty Queen

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There was a time when the beauty queen represented all that was good and beautiful about the young American woman. While beauty pageant winners have been replaced in public hearts by the supermodel and celebutant, the beauty queen look can be inspiring. If you want to look like a beauty queen, follow these steps.

  1. Get in shape. Beauty queens are often tall and statuesque. They make the most of their bodies by being trim and in shape without too much bulky muscle. Start dieting and getting in shape so that your body is at its fittest to maximize your beauty queen look.
  2. Apply self-tanner and bronzer. A tan body appears thinner which is why you rarely see a pale and pasty beauty queen. Perk up your skin tone and add a little shimmer with some tanning and bronzer.
  3. Whiten your teeth. When yellow or dull teeth have you hiding your smile, you are not ready for beauty queen status. There are tons of inexpensive over the counter options for whitening and brightening your smile. So invest a week or two of daily treatments for a sparkling smile.
  4. Apply glam makeup. Beauty queens don't have to cake on stage make up to look like a beauty queen. Instead use makeup to show your features at their best. Take care to experiment with dramatic looks for your eyes to look glamorous.
  5. Choose a sleek and shiny style. Thankfully the days of big hair and massive volume have faded away. Now the beauty queen look is hair that shines. Select a style that enhances your facial features and then make sure it looks healthy and radiant. Use an anti-frizz styling cream if you are any where near heat or hot lights so that your hair shimmers with beauty and style.
  6. Dress for success for day, evening and swimwear. One virtue of the beauty queen is her ability to adapt her wardrobe to suit the day, evening and even swimwear. Looking good while you display your talent and answering questions is a true badge of the beauty queen style.
  7. Practice your subtle wave. When you have to wave to your public it shouldn't be boisterous or flashy. Instead the beauty queen wave involves a subtle twist of the wrist that saves your energy while waving to your massive public.
  8. Walk the part. Striding through life with a quick purpose may display confidence and a happy skip may show your free and spirited personality. However, beauty queens don't stride or skip. Instead the beauty queen walk is a stroll or even a saunter and slinky, sexy walk. Beauty queens are similar to runway models in the way they glide in perfect high heels and hold their bodies in elegant and perfect posture.
  9. Smile. The final and most obvious mark of the beauty queen is her smile. To help the sparkle last long hours you can use a beauty pageant trick of applying a small amount of Vaseline to the front of your teeth. This makes hours of smiling easy and helps your white teeth sparkle long into the night. Make sure that smile is wide and friendly.

Looking like a beauty queen takes effort. If you are willing to take these steps you can sparkle in your evening gown and your business suit.


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