How To Look Like a Plus Size Model

Do you want to resemble the ranks of Emme Aronson and Barbara Brickner, stars of the plus size model industry? You might already see the potential with your 5”9’ height and your big boned structure that won’t cut you out for the slinky model category. But you can go for plus size category, because they are increasingly gaining respect as models that look more like normal people than the traditional skeletal types.

  1. Aim for proportion. Proportion is the main factor that people consider when they get plus size models. The most ideal is that your hip and your bust measurement must both be around 10 inches larger than your waistline. No matter what your bust line will turn out, if you maintain this proportion strictly, you are already plus size model material. To achieve this, you may need to exercise or if you can handle it, have cosmetic surgery.
  2. Work on your height, if possible. If you can still make yourself look taller and drink vitamins to increase your height, this is the best time to do so. Your height is one of the best things that you can have to make for plus size model standard. Your posture must also properly carry your height.
  3. Pamper your skin. Immaculately smooth skin distinguishes models from the rest of the world. You need to pamper your skin. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your face. Hydrate a lot to reduce the size of your pores. Whatever skin color you have, make sure you maintain a creamy smooth appearance for your skin.
  4. Take the 12-16 garment sizes. The plus size category falls only under this category. It is not really as plus size as some people are led to believe. You can also walk the ramp if you have at least any of these sizes.
  5. Enhance your best physical features. What are your best facial features? If you have very sultry looking eyes or a prominent nose, then work to enhance and highlight it in the way you dress. Make sure that much attention is given to your best features.
  6. Know how to use makeup. A plus size model will cease to be so without proper makeup that will invite much of the glitz and glamour that will not be otherwise present if you are wearing a nude natural look. It is nice if you are able to master the right color palette for your eyes and your lips. Your makeup will already make you a supermodel if you combine it with other elements.
  7. Carry yourself like a ramp model. Posture and walking like a ramp model are the things that you can practice. Wear your best looking stilettos and swagger away with head held high.
  8. Have a very neat wardrobe. The plus size model is often an epitome of the hottest and trendiest in the clothing industry. Of course, the main requirement to look like a plus size model is by means of having the trendy outfits that are hot in the market today.


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