How To Look Like a Victoria's Secret Model

Victoria Secret models are the epitome of beauty and sexy. If your man salivates at the catalogues as soon as it arrives in the mail, then you probably may be thinking that you need to have that attention diverted to you. If you want to look like a Victoria’s Secret model, there are many tricks of the trade you can do to look uber hot!

  • Exercise your body. Tone those abs and thighs if you want to look catalogue worthy. Though genetics plays a major role in how these models look, the models do help nature along the way with proper exercise. You don’t want to bulk up like a muscle man, but you do want long lean limbs. Talk brisk walks, do weights but no more than five pounds with lots and lots of repetitions. You may want to do pilates, yoga and resistance band training.
  • Eat right for your body. You won’t see these models binging on burgers and fries. Eat small meals throughout the day to boost your metabolism. Eat sources of lean protein such as low fat milk, boneless skinless chicken breasts, nuts and soy based products.
  • Use the right lingerie. To look like a Victoria Secret model, wear the lingerie! If you need a little help with the girls, get the plunge push up bras. Have fun and indulge in some girly and ultra sexy lacey pieces. Forgo sweats and old t-shirts when hanging around the house. Go with the brand’s loungewear.
  • Wax excess body hair. If you’re going to wear those skimpy garments, you better make sure nothing is sticking out. Shave your legs and go to a professional waxing salon and take it all off.
  • Have sexy tousled hair. Hair is a big factor is creating that sexy look that is a trademark of the VS models. Whatever your hair color, make sure your hair is healthy. No split ends, dry, oily or frizzy hair here. Go for the just got out of bed look by using large curlers and blow drying your hair upside down. Let some of your hair cover your eyes.
  • Play up your pouty lips. You need full pouty lips to look like Giselle. Play it up with the right shade of lipstick and a lot of lipgloss. Victoria Secret sells its own line of makeup to recreate the look at home. Instead of a smile full of teeth, have a secretive Mona Lisa smile that’s sure to drive your man wild.
  • It’s all about the eyes. Perfect your come hither look with a bit of smoky eye makeup. Use black mascara to emphasize the lushness of your lashes and draw your eyeliner up to create a cat eye look. Smile with your eyes.

Do any of these things to look like a Victoria Secret model. If you don’t have the exact body for it, play up your angles by sucking in your gut and posing on the bed sideways. Have confidence and know you are sexy, no matter what you size!


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