How To Look Like Marcia Brady

Marcia Brady is a beloved character from the hit TV show “The Brady Bunch.” Of the daughters, Marcia is the eldest and prettiest of the girls. Many young girls wanted to be just like Marcia because she was cute, popular and had a wonderful family to boot.

If you want to look like Marcia Brady either because you simply love the character or you want it to be your costume for a Halloween party, here are some things to do from head to toe to look just like her.

  • Watch old clips of The Brady Bunch. To get the look and attitude just right, watch the original show. You can catch it on TV or download episodes online. It’s a fun and easy watch and each episode is only half an hour long. You’ll also be introduced to the other cast of characters you may want to emulate as well.
  • Have long straight hair. A distinctive feature of Marcia Brady is her long blonde hair. Part it in the middle and keep is fuss free. If your hair isn’t long and straight or blonde, get a wig so you can really look like her. It simply won’t do if you’re a brunette with curly hair.
  • Stay slim and svelte. Marcia Brady is thin, so keep your body looking like hers. If you’re not on the slim side, dance, work out or find other ways to stay active. Your legs need to look just right when you’re wearing those miniskirts.
  • Wear hippie clothes. Because Marcia Brady grew up in the 70’s you need to dress the part. Wear turtlenecks with a short mini skirt. You may pair it up with a suede vest. If you wear a blouse, make sure the collar is large and stiff. Prints have to be psychedelic, floral or other funky prints.  If you prefer pants over skirts, it should be bell bottoms of course!
  • Have the right footwear. Wear wedge platform shoes on your feet to complete the look. Cork side soles are a good option. If wearing boots, wear it with your mini skirt. You will look just adorable in it!
  • Wear light makeup. As a finishing touch, wear a minimal amount of makeup. Wear a bit of gloss, some mascara and just a bit of eye shadow makeup. You can don bright colors such purple, bright blue and green. If you keep it subtle, it will look just right.
  • Have a smile on your face. Marcia Brady is popular because she was a nice friendly girl next door. If you want to look to the part, smile. Don’t frown or go around looking glum and depressed. It just won’t do. Life is fun and easy for Marcia Brady so you need to look jolly.

Keep your accessories to a minimum, unless you’re carrying books to school. If you’re donning the look for a costume party, have your friends come as other members of the family, including Mrs. Brady, Greg, Jan, Cindy and even Alice.


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