How To Look Like Shakira

Shakira is one of the hottest stars in the music world, and with good reason. Small wonder if you are really interested in looking just like her. Like many high profile celebrities, Shakira started out with low profile and worked her way up to stardom through her charm and her talent in singing. Her distinct voice may be something that you can train yourself to imitate. But if you can’t really force your vocal cords to sound like her, you can at least look like her in many ways. That’s still a good thing.

Here are some ways where you can look like Shakira:

  1. Take good care of your skin. Shakira has very smooth and creamy skin. You need to take good care of your skin, keep it from being very dry or bumpy. You can devise a lot of ways to do this. Once you have achieved your smooth skin goal, you can go to a tanning expert to help you get the exact skin color of Shakira.
  2. Learn how to dance, and master bellydancing and tango. Shakira is best known for her dance moves. If you really want to look like her, especially when on the dance floor, know the best moves in belly dancing and tango. Watch her videos if you have to so that you can perfect your skill in imitating her. Aside from this, you can also experiment in other dancing styles which will help you become more flexible and upbeat.
  3. Lengthen and pump up your coiffure with hair highlights and a perm. Her perm, highlights (auburn or blonde, take your pick!) and long hair is part of Shakira’s signature look. You need to be able to recreate that. Even if your facial features differ from her a little, you can look like her already from the back view if you have her hair.
  4. Observe her sexy but subtle dress code. Beige, orange, yellow and other similar colors of that family are her favorites. Her pants are usually fitted tightly. Observe the same style for your wardrobe. That might require you to overhaul your fashion cabinet. 
  5. Work out just like Shakira. You can use the following which Shakira personally recommends: dumb bells, elliptical training machine and dancing.
  6. Adhere to Shakira’s makeup staples. The glow comes from a very nice bronzer, black eyeliner (make sure you have a thin application) and very glossy lips.
  7. Expose and firm up your abs. One of her best features which makes her stand out in the celebrity world is her well-defined abs. You need to be able to sculpt your tummy to look the same way if you want to pull off the fashion statement and appearance that Shakira registers to people. You also need to be daring enough to show it to the whole world if the situation calls for it. Of course, consider that Shakira has bodyguards to protect her when she exposes herself. You might not have the same privilege so tastefully choose the instances where you are really going to imitate her ab exposure.
  8. Build your confidence. Ultimately, you cannot carry the Shakira look if you don’t exude the same confidence.

Just make sure that in your quest to look like Shakira, you don’t overdo it and end up looking like Sharkira! Maintain your identity as an individual and be very careful in prudently deriving your inspiration from Shakira.


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