How To Look Pretty

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In many cultures, pretty girls tend to do well. They get more attention, more guys, and are often considered nicer and easier to deal with. This perception is not always true. Still, if you want to look pretty, there are steps you can take.  Here are some other things you can do to look pretty.

  1. Clean up your act. Looking pretty often requires going back to basics. Remove the make-up, hair product and piercings. Head to the shower and scrub yourself clean.
  2. Find your femininity. Pretty is a feminine word--to feel more feminine, take a good look at yourself when you step out of the shower. Look at your body with a focus on femininity (not negativity). Notice where your body curves, where it is soft and where it is strong.
  3. Dress with simple lines and shapes. Looking pretty requires simplicity. Whether you are slipping on a suit to head to the office, or jeans and a tank top to play outside with the kids, go simple. Often trendy fashions are the opposite with complex trims, ruffles or abstract geometric shapes that are designed to be dramatic. Avoid these.
  4. Shop for proper fit. This means you want a wardrobe that fits your body as it is today. Avoid clothes that are too tight or too loose. Proper fit is needed for all of your wardrobe choices, including undergarments. A bra fitting will make your clothes look better and improve your confidence since your assets will look their best.
  5. Choose muted colors. Red and black may be bold, sexy colors, but they are rarely pretty. Muting your color choices does not mean you have to wear pastels or give up bold colors. Choose neutrals as the base of your wardrobe and if you prefer jewel tones, add them as complementary accessories. So instead of wearing the teal suit, try a gray suit with a teal blouse or scarf as the accent.
  6. Minimize your make-up. If you must wear make-up, keep it to a minimum. Choose natural tones designed to match your skin. Limit your use of color in eyeliner and shadow. Choose lip color that is neutral in color and matches your natural lip tone.
  7. Smile. Pretty girls tend to be happy, friendly girls. Frowning and scowling detracts from your looks, so offer a natural smile and you can look pretty.

Looking pretty doesn’t mean you have to wear pink or floral designs. It doesn’t even mean that dresses and skirts have to be primary in your wardrobe. Instead, follow these tips to tone down and sweeten your look and you will appear pretty in no time.


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