How To Look Sexy

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Sexing up your style is a great mood booster. If you feel down or depressed and need to spice up your look, consider the sexy route. You can also increase your sex appeal by changing your look for that special party or night out. Follow these steps to look sexy.

  1. Start with a pampering shower. Before you put on your sexy look, you want to get in the mood with a steamy shower. Half of the look is in your attitude. Choose your best smelling, sexiest shower gel then lather up on a soft sponge. Soap your entire body to get clean and get in the mood. Pamper yourself with a refreshing shampoo as well.
  2. Get your mouth in shape. Brush and floss twice a day and before going out. Consider a whitening treatment so that your teeth look your best. A smooth and sultry smile will enhance your sexy image.
  3. Apply lotion. Rub in some body lotion that complements the scent of your shower gel. This softens your skin while creating a scent that will draw guys to snuggle closer.
  4. Get hair under control. This means all your hair. Shave your legs and under arms. Then get your bikini area under control. Follow this grooming with a stylish cut that hangs softly on your neck and shoulders. Remove any facial hairs if you have them.
  5. Dress with subtle hints. Dressing sexy is not about baring everything you have. Instead consider a pencil skirt with a seductive slit or fitted trousers that elongate your legs. Select a blouse that is feminine with a low button style or choose a covered front with low hanging drape in the back. The key to wardrobe is to select items that fit well, flatter your shape and offer subtle hints of skin. This subtlety is more seductive than flashing bare, pushed up cleavage and bare thighs.
  6. Keep makeup subtle yet warm. Makeup can up your sex appeal if it is applied in moderation. Darken your eyes to a smoky hue. Then add a little gloss to your lips for an appealing pout.
  7. Step with confidence. Once you have the look you need to be able to carry it off. Believe in yourself and your appeal. Walk with confidence. Slip your feet into a pair of daring high heels then practice taking slow but determined steps. Turn your walk into slow stroll so that you can draw every eye your way.

Looking sexy takes only a few small steps. If you are willing to put in the time and effort to create a look that entices you and others, you can be successful. Follow these steps and you can look sexy.


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