How To Look Sexy Today

Women nowadays will do anything just to look sexy and beautiful. And because modern cosmetic surgery seems to cooperate with this obsession for beauty, a lot of women are willing to spend hefty cash to have their bodies sculpted and look alluring like cover girls in glossy magazines for men.

To look sexy and beautiful, you do not actually need to go under the knife to correct certain imperfections in your body. To look sexy today is quite simple by following these pointers:   

  1. Always be clean and neat. Two or three times a day bath is imperative, depending on the humidity of temperature. However if frequent showering is not possible, bring along a cologne and splash it generously on your arms, neck and chest as often as possible. Your fresh scent is a big come-on to men as they can get crazy with your magnetic aura.
  2. Make your skin smooth by using a rich lotion with moisturizers on your body with particular attention to your arms, elbows, legs and knees. Get rid of blemishes by consulting your dermatologist.
  3. Give importance to oral hygiene. When you flash that toothy smile, make sure your teeth are clean and pearly white. Visit your dentist regularly to maintain good dental health. Use mouthwash to do away with foul breath.
  4. Spruce yourself up all the time. Don’t get caught unguarded with chipped off nails, unruly hair and wrinkled dress. Get your nails done on regular basis. Trim your hair once every two months. Wax off unwanted hairs on armpits, legs and arms. And most of all – wear clean, neat and well-pressed clothes even when you are just hanging around at home as you’ll never know when some hot guy will come knocking at your door!
  5. Pamper yourself with facials, hair styling and spa treatment every now and then. Facials give a nice glow to your skin while a new hair style can give your look an interesting twist. Spa treatment on the other hand will make you feel relaxed and unstressed. A woman who feels good about herself exudes with sexiness and charm.
  6. Wear clothes that will show your curves and flatter your sexy features. If you have nice legs, go for a mini dress. If you have a voluptuous body, wear body hugging tops or soft, clingy dresses. And if you are endowed with full breasts, highlight this gift with a deep cut neckline to show your sexy cleavage.
  7. Put on make-up that is appropriate for the time of day. Light make-up is definitely a winner if you are going out on a bright, sunny day. Heavier make up and darker eye shadows are knock-outs when partying at night with a date. Make sure though that you are wearing the right shade that will blend with your skin tone.
  8. Wear open toed high heeled shoes on night parties. Men are just crazy when they see women sashaying down the hall in high heels.
  9. Be smart. Keep yourself updated with the latest news and trends. Converse intelligently and exude with self confidence.

Being sexy is also a state of mind. If you feel and think sexy and you know how to project a sexy attitude, then you will definitely look sexy.


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