How To Look Taller in a Tux

Guys have it easy, because just about everyone looks good in a tux. Whether you’re short, fat, thin or tall, all guys can instantly improve their look with a good tux.

If you’re a man whose body is not as well proportioned as a model, you can significantly improve your looks by wearing the right suit. You can still don on this formal garment and look great for your event, even if you’re not six feet tall. Here’s how to look taller in a tux.

  • Make sure the tux is tailored properly. Fit is everything in fashion, and this holds true even for men’s fashion. If you want to look taller, your tux has to look as if it were sewn straight on your body. Be mindful of the length of the sleeves and where the jacket ends on your body. A good tailor should be able to alter the tux just to your size. If something is baggy, it will overwhelm your body and you’ll appear as if you’re trying to look like a grownup.
  • Wear a black tux. Don’t think about looking like a penguin and go for the formal black and white attire. Pass on the baby blue tux and other modern day colors such as burgundy, violet or even navy blue. Black is best. It’s the most slimming and elongating of all the fabric colors so stick to the classic.
  • Get the vertical stripe on the side. Vertical lines on the body add to the illusion of height. When given a choice for pants, try on the pants than have a vertical piping on the side. It’s a very subtle way to add height because it draws the eye upwards.
  • Wear elevator shoes. If you need a little boost, fake it with your shoes. You can order special elevator shoes or order special inserts for your shoes to give you some lift. Find shoes that have a bit of heel on it to add some crucial inches to your height.
  • Have your date wear low heels. It’s all about proportions, so you may have to ask your date to wear a kitten heel instead of those five inch stilettos she has her eye on. You’ll balance out more nicely when the height difference isn’t so disparaging between the two of you.
  • Stand on a step when you have your picture taken. Since you’re wearing a tux, it means there’s a special occasion. If you’re having a picture taken, stand next to people who are shorter than you. Fake it by standing on a step so you instantly add inches to your height. Another option is to have your date seated and position yourself behind her or leaning in so you seem taller.

Try these things to give the illusion of more height to your frame. These tricks work whether you’re wearing a tux, suit or casual wear. Be mindful of the proportions of your clothes. However, if your date has a good six inches over you, then simply bask in the presence of a taller and sexy woman and don’t let your height get in the way.


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