How To Look Younger with Less Make Up in 5 Minutes

Aging is a biological process that is irreversible and universal. And now more than ever, the combination of unhealthy lifestyle, polluted environment and stress has accelerated the way people age, making people look older than they actually are, and at a younger age. By the relatively youthful age of 30, the telltale signs of aging start to appear – fine lines that eventually become obvious wrinkles, dry, thin, and saggy skin, uneven skin tone, and age spots. Although it is impossible to reverse or correct these signs, make up has been successfully used to enhance beauty, conceal the aging signs, and more importantly, boost confidence, allowing its user to look great and feel great.

For the aging population, looking great is tantamount to looking young. In the past, people put on elaborate make up to try to look young. However, it is undeniable that heavy make up can actually make you look a lot older! Thus, the challenge is to have great skin to begin with, and then use the minimum amount of make up to highlight your best features and hide the creepy aging signs.

As such, all you need to look ravishingly young are five minutes. Here’s how!

  • To start with, you must have a clean and moisturized face. In order to achieve this, always clean your face thoroughly and moisturize prior to sleeping. Equally important is adequate hydration and sleep. Remember that when you have healthy looking skin, you will no longer need to put on foundation or face powder.
  • Now spot the areas you want to conceal – sun spots, fine lines under your eyes. Move to the area under your eyes that is usually the problem area for most. Pick a concealer with the shade nearest to your skin tone to make sure it blends well and you do not end up highlighting the problem area further. However, you must limit the use of concealer to the areas that need concealing!  
  • Next, to create the illusion of healthy, glowing, “sun-kissed” skin, apply bronzer on areas of the face where the sun usually hits – first on the forehead, then nose, cheeks and chin. Use a large wide brush with a rounded top, and the right shade of bronzer depending on your skin tone and hair color.
  • Add a dash of colors to the apples of your cheeks using a professional blush brush to highlight your cheekbones. Pick the youthful shades of pink, peach or orange.
  • To bring out the natural beauty of your eyes, all you will need is mascara. No need for eyeliners and eye shadows! Apply your mascara of choice to your eyelashes concentrating on the roots of the lashes.
  • Skip the heavy lipstick and opt for a glossy lip tint. This will plump up your lips and definitely give you that most sought-after pout.

Finally and most importantly, flash your sweetest smile. A sincere smile is your biggest keep to looking young and staying young!


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