How To Loosen Blackheads

Blackheads results from pores that are partially blocked in your skin. This could also be due to excess oiliness of the skin and frequent use of make-up. The excess toxins being expelled from the pores of your skin from the lymph and blood fluids are trapped with sebum and bacteria that are usually open to the surface. The exposed area is then oxidized and becomes black, hence the name blackheads. These appear in certain areas of your face, usually across your forehead down to your nose and chin. Blackheads are the common dilemma of people aged 12 to 25 and are particularly evident in teenagers after experiencing puberty. Blackheads are quite related to zits and much like the latter, squeezing them could be very addictive. However, this could lead to a serious acne issue, so before trying to remove them with your fingernails, think about it first. Instead, you may opt to try using alternative methods for blackhead removal. The following are some tips for blackhead removal treatment:

  1. Always wash your skin with a soap that has natural exfoliating contents. After washing your face, pat your skin to dry with a clean towel.
  2. You can apply a clay mask in your face if you want and it is highly advisable that you use bentonite clay mask or a seaweed clay mask.
  3. When using facial creams, see to it that they contain Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids, also known as AHA’s. These are commonly found in glycol-creams and are used to clear away skin cells that have died, thereby exposing the blackheads. Tea tree oil has also been proven to be an effective anti-inflammatory treatment for skin infections.
  4. Avoid washing your face with soaps for more than twice a day. You can just use plain water splashes to clean your face.
  5. Another way to cure blackheads is a practice known as the egg method. But if you have allergies with eggs, it would be better not to try them. Here are the simple steps in treating that irritable blackhead sitting in your nose using a hard-boiled egg:

  • Cool a hard-boiled egg, and start peeling off the shell.
  • You will not be use the shell but instead, you will use the skin of the egg.
  • Put the skin over your blackhead then cover with a medicated adhesive bandage overnight.
  • Remove the treatment in the morning then wash your face.

There are many treatments available in dealing with blackheads. You can use medicines like benozyl peroxide to cure clogged pores but still, it would be best to consult your doctor first before trying any drugs over those stubborn blackheads in your face. Pore strips are the most common treatment used for blackheads but they are also considerably the most harmful. Using pore strips can damage your skin where the blackhead stays so it is least advisable to use those. But as always, prevention is the best treatment.

In order to avoid the perennial appearance of blackheads over your face, try eating less of foods with high fats and carbohydrates content. You can choose vegetables, fruits and those with raw fats over them. Moreover, always keep your make-up materials clean. Finally, always wash your face after you wake up and before you go to bed. It is highly advisable to use warm water.


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