How To Lose a Pimple Quick

Pimples could ruin a rather happy morning. Indeed, getting up, looking in the mirror, and discovering that you have a zit on your face could really turn your day off. Worse, pimples appear in times when you don’t expect them to—during a date, work interview or prom night. Of course, when they appear you have nothing to do but freak out frantically sweeping over your table looking for your pimple removal cream. When that day comes, stay calm and follow these simple tips to get rid of that stubborn pimple on your face:

  1. Don’t squeeze it. You can’t really help squeezing a pimple especially when you start getting irritated with it. But it won’t help you lose that zit in your face as quick as you want it to, rather, it will just make it look worse.
  2. Find the right medication. When you reach the age of puberty, you should be ready with your pimple removal cream. There are many brands of pimple removal cream that you can find in your nearest drug store. However, be careful in choosing them. You might want to consult your dermatologist for some advice in picking which of them is the most effective.
  3. Quick removal. Using the right medication could have that pimple in your face removed overnight. If a pimple appears before a particular event where you have to attend, then you should have it removed right away or else it will ruin your day. You can try some skincare products like the Easy Squeeze Pimple Removal. This product is easy to use and will remove that zit right away. You can visit in order to know more about this product.
  4. Just ice it out. If you have an inflamed pimple, one thing you should do first is to ice it in order to reduce inflammation and redness. Put an ice over the pimple for 15 minutes. After that, allow your skin to relax for the next 20 minutes. Repeat these steps until the inflammation is reduced. This might make your skin red but don’t worry, it is just temporary. In this way, it will be hardly noticeable.
  5. Cover it up. If the pimple is still there and you have an important thing to do during the day, it’s about time that you use some cover-up methods so that the pimple will be hardly noticeable.

Of course, pimple removal could take time – some techniques like the Easy Squeeze only takes minutes but more often than not, you have to wait overnight before the medication takes effect. However, preventive measures have always been the best medication against pimples. If you don’t want to get bothered by the occasional appearance of pimples in your face, then learning how to prevent it is necessary. Refrain from touching your face especially when your hands are not clean enough. Dirt and germs usually cause pimples. Of course, eat healthy foods. Don’t get too hooked on fatty and oily foods because it can also cause pimples. Lastly, always wash your face with the right soap or facial cream.


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