How To Maintain a Razor

Nicks and cuts should be a thing of the past where a great razor is concerned.  A close, clean shave is what you need out of a shaving ritual, but it all begins with a super fine razor that can do the job. Taking care of it is another matter and this is where you will find helpful ideas for your razor. Below are ways by which you can maximize the longevity of this indispensable bathroom toiletry:

  • Razors are best stored inside drawers where it is dark, cool, and well-ventilated. For this purpose, the drawers containing your undergarments would be the ideal storage area for your razor. To avoid corrosion, you may also place your razor in a plastic bag and store this in your freezer to stave off corrosion.
  • Safety first. Make sure you store your razors within easy reach. You might accidentally cut yourself when you store your razor into the deep end of your drawers.
  • Dry your razor thoroughly after every use. When done shaving, remove excess water from your razor by either shaking it off or placing it under a hair dryer between 8 to 10 seconds.
  • Keep your razor away from water when not in use. You don’t want it to rust, as it may result to an infection if you get a cut.
  • Salt and dirt on your face encourages rust to grow on your razor so make sure your face is clean and soft prior to shaving.
  • If you find rust on the blade of your razor, a toothbrush, steel wool or scouring pad may be used to slough it off. Applying a light mineral oil will also discourage future rusting.
  • While shaving, gently tap the handle of your razor along the side of the sink to shake off the shaving cream. Hard tapping can cause your razor to break or slip from your grip.
  • Hot water works best on skin and on your razor. A towel soaked in hot water softens your skin readying it for the shave. Hot water running on your razor ensures a closer shave and prevents clogging on the blades.
  • Chemical-based cleansers and metal polishers should not be used on your razor. Ethyl or rubbing alcohol will suffice for cleaning and disinfecting your razor.
  • A dull blade tugs at the skin. To sharpen a dull blade, a stone hone or a strop (Western Belt Style, German Paddle or French Paddle) usually does it to restore sharpness of your razor. Honing is recommended on a monthly basis.
  • To make sure you get the most out of the life of your razor, run your razor six times following upward and downward movements on a pair of denims.
  • Store your razor in a dry zip-lock bag or pouch when traveling. Always make sure the safety cap is on the blade and your razor is thoroughly dry when packing your razor to take along during your travel.
  • Your razor blades can last for up to three months when used and maintained properly so it is important to use your razor only as directed.

Maintaining your stainless steel razor is not only economical but hygienic as well. Get your razor and your skin ready to shave away while saving on replacements, too!


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