How To Maintain Healthy Hands and Nails at Home

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Our hands and nails have to go through a lot of wear and tear from day to day. Simple daily tasks can be damaging to our nails if we don’t care for them properly. Our hands and nails are integral parts of our body and so keeping them healthy is part keeping our whole body being healthy. Going to salons or spas weekly or every other week for manicures and hand treatments is fun but it can be painful to your wallet. So, in the light of the current economic situation, here are some tips to care for your hands and nails in your very own home.

  1. Nails are very much like our hair. They have a similar structure. They are sensitive, delicate and fragile. They have a tough but flexible covering called a cuticle. Hand creams are different from nail creams but there are some products out there that are specially formulated to nourish both your hands and your nails. Moisturize your hands with hand creams and lotions. Choosing the brand and type of lotion is up to you. For hands that are extremely dry, you can use petroleum jelly to soften the rough parts and edges.
  2. When giving yourself a home manicure, you can use petroleum jelly or jojoba oil to soften your cuticles. A great tip is not to have cuticles clipped. This is because your cuticles protect your fingers and nails from bacteria.  Clipping them increases the risk of infection. Instead, soften them by soaking them in warm water and pushing them back with a small wooden stick.
  3. When applying nail polish apply a base coat first before applying the nail polish. This should be done especially if you’re using a dark shade of nail polish. When removing nail polish, use an acetone-free nail polish remover. Acetone causes nails to dry and causes a lot of damage to nails.
  4. You can also use an emery board or a nail file after soaking your nails in warm water. Filing around your nails and cuticles is helpful in removing dead and dry skin. Applying a nail hardener is also very effective in strengthening your nails. It makes it unbreakable and it makes it shiny too.
  5. Of course, our hands and nails are parts of our body so our diet greatly affects our hands and nails as well. Drinking lots of water daily contributes greatly to having healthy hands and nails. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables are also greatly beneficial since vitamins A, B, C and E have been found to play a huge role in having healthy and strong nails and hands.
  6. Lastly, and this may be difficult at first, you must avoid bad habits that cause damage to your nails. A common example is nail biting. This is something that is often done involuntarily, and many are guilty of doing this in their younger years. Stopping this unsanitary habit is truly very gratifying. Always remember to sanitize your hands if you cannot avoid nail biting from time to time. There are kinds of nail polish that are specially designed to quit this habit. They taste bitter so over time, nail biters are discouraged from the bad habit of biting their nails.


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