How To Maintain New Dreadlocks

If you want your hair to make a statement and stand out, the dreadlocks are one of the best choices for you. Dreadlocks have been in existence for hundreds of years. From Africa to India, people from all walks of life have tried the dreadlocks as a way of growing hair without the hassle of too much maintenance. Contrary to popular belief, dreadlocks can be kept healthy and odor-free. Here are ways to maintain new dreadlocks.

  1. Wash. Wash your hair with residue free shampoo, even before getting your hair curled into dreadlocks. Although there are ways to untangle milder forms of dreadlocks, these are very difficult and will take plenty of time. The best way to take care of your dreadlocks is by ensuring that they are clean to begin with. Focus on the scalp, which should be kept oil free in order to prevent odor from occurring.
  2. Dry. Unlike other types of hairstyles, keeping your dreads dry is very important. Remember that moisture is more difficult to remove in dreadlocks since a large part of the hair cannot be dried directly. You should take some time and effort to dry your hair by squeezing out the excess water with a towel, and running your hair through a blow drier.
  3. Use nylon. In general, you should use nylon or stockings to keep your dreads in place. During the first few days, your scalp will be very sensitive especially if the dreadlocks have been knit tightly in place. The nylon will prevent hair from snagging or straying out of the dreads. After a few days, you can replace the nylon with rubber bands to help you keep your hair in place.
  4. Tighten and wax. Eventually, your hair will need to be tightened once the loose ends of the dreadlocks start showing. This can be done by using dreadlock wax. Take the stray hairs in your hands and rub them up and down with the dreadlock wax. Dreadlock wax is especially designed to keep hair in place. You can also attach small rubber bands in strategic parts of your hair, to ensure that stray strands do not develop. Make sure that you regularly wax your hair to keep the hairstyle in place.
  5. Regular maintenance. As with all hairstyles, keeping healthy dreadlocks involves regular maintenance. One of the ways for you to do this is by washing your hair at least once a week. For newly woven dreads, the first week can be painful on the scalp and may make it difficult to wash and shampoo the hair. Once you have gotten used to it, however, you can shampoo your hair every 2 or 3 days, or at least once a week. Follow each wash with careful drying and waxing to keep hair clean, healthy and in place.

Whether your dreadlocks are a sign of your beliefs, or whether as a simple fashion statement to bring out your best features without looking like every other man on the street, the dreadlocks are a hairstyle that more and more people are beginning to consider. Follow these steps to keep your hair healthy.


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