How To Maintain Relaxed Hair

Hair is often called a person's "crowning glory". That's probably why most people invest in various kinds of treatments to maintain their hair's natural beauty. One such treatment is hair relaxing. This is a process which utilizes relaxers or chemicals like ammonium thioglycolate to make hair less curly. Basically, these chemicals relax a person's natural curls. One doesn't have to spend a fortune to have this treatment done. You can have your own hair relaxer treatment done at home. Hair relaxer kits can be purchased from drug stores and pharmacies and they are easy to use. Here are some tips on how you can maintain the beauty of your hair after having a hair relaxing treatment:

  1. It is important to consider getting a haircut that will be easy to maintain before undergoing this treatment. Certain hairstyles require consistent styling to maintain. Consistent styling often entails applying a large amount of heat or products on the hair to maintain its style. This can be damaging to the hair especially since hair relaxing already uses maximum amounts of chemicals on the hair. Use products that are gentle on the hair. These are hair products which contain no harsh chemicals. The ideal product to use is one that is specifically created for chemically processed hair.
  2. It is important to always remember to use a moisturizing conditioner after every shampoo. A moisturizing conditioner is one that hydrates the hair from the roots to tips. When hair is hydrated, it becomes stronger and less prone to breakage. You can also have hot oil treatments once a week or once every to weeks for a deeper and longer lasting moisturizing effect. Deep conditioners also work wonders on relaxed hair. 
  3. It is also important not to style using flat irons or curling irons on high amounts of heat. It is best to style hair using medium heat to avoid drying. Intense exposure to heat causes the hair to lose moisture. When hair loses moisture, it becomes weaker and more prone to damage. It is best to keep the use of straightening irons, curling irons and blow dryers to a minimum. It would be best if you can avoid applying heat to your hair to style.
  4. Massage light moisturizers onto your scalp every night and comb through it using a soft brush to distribute it evenly. Use a shower cap or scarf to avoid friction on hair strands while sleeping. This will make it easier for you so that the next day, you want have to spend so much time styling your hair. 
  5. Get your hair trimmed once every 1-2 months. This is important because chemically-treated hair is more prone to split ends than non-chemically treated hair. Frequent hair trimming reduces hair damage. Trimming lessens drying, encourages hair moisture and keeps relaxed hair looking good. 

These tips are easy and effective. The lasting beauty of relaxed hair depends on the effectiveness and consistency of your maintenance regimen. It is important to keep all these in mind. Relaxed hair should be treated gently with mild, compatible products that aren't harsh on your hair. Taking care of our hair boosts our self-confidence and helps us face the world and live our lives with self-assurance.


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